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Strength and Conditioning Program Design

Strength and Conditioning Program Design


The paper aims to investigate the business of Vista Entertainment Solution in India. This paper has examined the business environment, brand positioning, segmentation, and marketing management in the scenario of Vista in India. The paper provides comprehensive and significant information for the strategies and other program designed by the Vista before and after entering to the cinema industry in India. Vista is the latest cinema technology provider that gives the core competency to the cinema industry with ease and flexibility for the customer and pointed out the customer satisfaction (Chakravarty, 1993).

Indian Cinema Industry is currently one of the largest producer of films in the world wide in terms of ticket sales and no. of films produced. In recent years, there has been tremendous increase in the establishment of digital cinema due to latest technology and commercial institutions of film making. Possibly promoted by recent global business trends, more and larger business cine companies are providing their own production services. This enhanced technology and increased trend of films attracted many of the foreign companies to invest in Indian cinema Industry or open their ventures in India as Vista sis in 2000. If we take past 5 to 10 years back, it is very hard to bring the movies into cinema theatres due to insufficient availability of technology. It is the intention of this dissertation to examine impact on Indian cine industry approach to the implementation of digital cinema. One of the multinational Companies dealing with digital cinema was by Cineworld where internal management of all the movies was modifying into the new mode of digital phenomenon. Over the years, no. of movies has developed and release which shows the clear understanding of new digital cinema. It has now become professional, highly qualified and independent service of developing digital movie, rather than part of a small portion in filming department. Recently they focus on the picturisation and digital sound issues in the internal cinema (Rajadhyaksha, 1994).

Cinema Business Environment in India

This section of the paper discusses the factors that Vista considers before entering to the Indian Cinema Industry. There are several environmental and business factors that were considered before entering to the market. Although the film is the source of contemporary mythology for Indian culture, and there is a melding together of so many seemingly disparate elements, there still seems to be something missing, something not quite deep enough to provide the life-lasting transformation one seeks the real gold of the philosopher's stone. The following are the factors that seemed to be favourable for entering Vista into Indian Cinema Market (Rajadhyaksha, 1994).

The Indian Cinema industry was accorded the status of an “industry” in 2000. Prior to that, the funding and production of Indian Cinemas were not regulated, and funds sometimes came from illegitimate sources such as the Mumbai underworld; In 2006, the Indian Cinema industry showed 1,041 films, nearly 40% of which were made in ...
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