Program Of Study And Professional Development Plan

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Program of Study and Professional Development Plan

Program of Study and Professional Development Plan

Education and Professional Background:

My name is Rose Marie Mansel and I shall start by telling you about my personal life. I am currently a resident in West Blomfield, Michigan. I am a proud single mother of three children; one adult daughter, and a teenage daughter and son. Throughout my academic life, I have faced difficulties, not because I had a weak intellect, but because I moved from town to town literally every year. My father was a serving army officer and this meant that we had to constantly been the move. This affected my studies to a considerable extent since I had to change schools and teachers almost every year.

And yet, I am proud to say that I never got poor marks in my studies as my strong determination towards studies always ensured that I gave my 100% in every assessment. Hence, I excelled in studies and earned several distinctions in my earlier life. However, choosing a career was among the toughest decisions that I have ever had to make in my life. As I progressed in my academic life, I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in nursing. My decision to choose nursing as a profession was also based on my nature as I have a caring and loving disposition. This determination to help others in overcoming the problems I their lives was the perfect impetus that motivated me to pursue nursing as a profession (Burton & Ormrod, 2011).

I currently hold an Associate degree in nursing from Wayne County Community College. The degree has provided me with the knowledge that I need to join the nursing profession. It has also opened up new avenues for me so that I am able to consider more options in terms of seeking to enhance my knowledge in the particular field. As a result, I got licensure from the Michigan State Board of RN in August 2004. This licensure allowed me to enter the profession and provide my services to those in need of it.

I am currently serving as a nurse in the Benign Hematology department of a major healthcare facility in Detroit, Michigan. However, my professional goals have not hindered me from pursuing education further and I have availed every opportunity that I have been given to enhance my knowledge in the field of nursing. For instance, I am ...
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