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Project Initiation Document

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Trackways Housing Association


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1Project Initiation Document History2

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2Table of Contents4

3Purpose of Document5


5Project Definition7

5.1Project Objectives7

5.2Defined Method Approach10

5.3Project Scope10

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6Project Organisation Structure19

6.1Project Management Team Structure19

7Communication Plan 20

8Project Controls24

9Initial Business Case24

10Initial Project Plan29

11Initial Risk Log29

The Purpose of the document

The start of the project document is intended primarily to collect information and data needed to start the project. The process involved in the project startup file the following:

What is the project ready to achieve? What it can help solve the challenges? Who will be involved in the management of the project, their roles and responsibilities?

Select ñ Mix is a plan to bring and pick each of the participating local authorities the choice of ñ module combination of individual projects to meet their needs and timetable. Therefore, the Project Initiation Document will be agreed upon by the local authorities and stakeholders in the sample, and as future participation in the project document was adopted. Individual local authorities should be prepared to use their own internal project startup file (Gartner, 2009).

Background to the project

Trackways Housing Society 1500 Pattersontown property. Pattersontown in County Durham, England town. Pattersontown with 97,838 population as of 2001, covering about 800 square miles. Community must have a bigger problem that the matter can best represent them and give them the local authorities will lead the community and service work together to address local needs and issues play a bigger role, but will be more responsible to local citizens.

The project will help quantify costs and tailoring local services and will be displayed on the project will support local authorities in the delivery, cost and service reorganization, according to your own citizens demographic (James & Marakas, 2009).

This information will be used to improve services and help organizations ensure that their services hard to reach groups needs. Once collected the data, we can enter and in the organization's central IT systems. The Board has agreed to release four full-time staff member to complete the project. They will be filling the post of temporary staff. The four members of staff will be the project team.

Project Initiation Document will be created and then approved by the Project Board. Project Board by the Housing Manager, the trustee of an organization and a tenant.

Project Initiation Document will show an understanding of the board is how to deal with the entire project and project management principles and stages of understanding.

Document History

File Location

This document is only valid on the day it was printed. The source of the file will be found, the control part in the project document.

Project Definition

Project Objectives

Analysis of customer information to the part of the project will help local authorities to see the number, service, and the people they serve, the relationship of any related services will test the design and delivery assumptions.

The project uses:

a)Customer transaction information linked to the Local Government Services List (LGSL) and postcodes

b)Cost information for service access linked to LGSL ...
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