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Husky Air - Pilot Angels

Husky Air - Pilot Angels


The study is related to Husky Air which a fixed base operator (FBO) that provide a variety of aviation services in the Dekalb area. As an FBO, Husky Air provides:

Business Jet, propjet, helicopter, and propeller aircraft charter, Aircraft rental


Airframe, engine, propeller, and avionics maintenance

Flight instruction

Pilot supplies

Pilot angels

Pilot Angels, a charitable service coordinated by Husky Air, works with hospitals, health-care organizations and organ banks to transport patients, medical personnel, supplies or donor organs wherever they are needed by partnering volunteer pilots. Patient's being their primary customers, Pilot Angels serves by transporting them, their family, the medical personnel, supplies or donor organs the patient needs.

The current system that Pilot Angels use to co-ordinate the service is a paper based manual system. The volunteer pilot information is currently stored in folder. When a request for transportation is placed the Husky Air staff goes through the volunteer folder and calls the volunteers to find out who are available and puts together a flight route. The situation gets more complicated as the planes have different capacities and sometimes may not be able to accommodate the customer load. The system is very slow as it involves calling multiple volunteer pilots and also checks their plane's load capacity. This has become an issue for Pilot Angels as a lot of personnel time is lost in phone calls and preparing a concrete schedule. This is a very crucial issue as Pilot Angels is striving to establish itself as a reliable charity service.

The Team

In context of Husky Air - Pilot Angels, important player in the project is the project team. As Adam (2009) said, the construction of high-quality equipment does not happen by accident. It is often necessary to promote a certain goal-oriented participation to promote greater self-awareness. Project teams refer to people who are working with project managers to deliver the actual work, a group of interdependent individuals working cooperatively to achieve the objective of the project, a collection of individuals who will work together to ensure the success of the project, the group that make the project work or group of people working toward a common goal to succeed. In relation to Husky Air - Pilot Angels, according to Axson (2007), ensure the effectiveness requires not only the redesigned processes and new technologies, but also appropriate qualified and trained professionals to make the right decisions, integrate, deploy and transform data and information into knowledge, and take measures to ensure the achievement of project objectives. The importance of the project team, therefore, should not be taken lightly in a given project. As O'Dell, Grayson and Essaides (1998) states, with the technology, organizational problems are solved half, but the other half is not technology, it is people (Cicmil 2006, pp. 111). Drucker (1954) argued that all organizations often claim that people are its greatest asset; however, few practice what they preach, not to mention I really do.

According to Drucker's statement, Pinto (2007) argued that many companies focus on the management ...
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