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Understanding Project Management Techniques

Understanding Project Management Techniques


The project management is an essential part of an organization. The organization has to upgrade the staff computers from Windows XP to Windows 7. The upgrade is to be carried out by a number of the technicians from the in house technical support unit. For this purpose, the organization needs to have a properly designed project management plan. There is a need to ensure that the other activities of the technical support unit are not adversely affected by upgrade and to ensure consistency in technical support. The approximately 400 machines to be upgraded include desktop and laptops of varying ages and specifications. The machines are mainly located in approximately 30 centers which are situated round England. Approximately 10% of the machines are used by staff members who work from home. The staff member whose machine is being upgraded will need to be present during the upgrade. This is to ensure no relevant data is lost and to give the technicians the chance to deal with any technical queries. It is important that the upgrade has minimal effect on the work activities of the staff members. The staff members, outside the technical support unit, are not employed for their technical skills and cannot be asked to undertake technical activities. The upgrade is due to happen during the winter and spring of 2011/2012. It is currently envisioned that the technical staff would travel by public transport from their base and would deal with one site per trip.

This paper explains and discusses the proper tools and methods to carry out the upgrading of the system. The entire process needs to be properly supervised and the problems and issues that arise also need to be dealt with. This paper demonstrates the methodology and tools for carrying out the process smoothly.

Prescribed Project Management Tools

Following are the prescribed project management tools.

Gantt Chart of Project

Service Strategy

In Strategy stage of the windows upgrading process is usually about opportunities, markets, expected services, where we are, where do we desire to be. Here is where we foremost characterize the degree of satisfaction we desire to complete. New persons in this area believe that an acceptance should be as high as expected. Regretful but that's not the case.

Service Design

Design is a stage where we characterize a new service. In the end of conceive phase we understand where we yearn to be and how convinced our clientele should be major locations where we characterize clientele satisfaction are Service degree Management, Availability and Capacity Management (Hamilton, 2004). Service Level Management Now we are at the right location. The aim of SLM is to double-check that the agreed grade of IT service is supplied. And that any services we will provide in the future will be consigned as agreed.

Service Transition

Customer approval is cited as a factor of high significance repeatedly in Service Transition Fundamentals and Principles. During Transition, in change management and particularly in release and deployment management we get in touch ...
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