Proposal the Inability Of Black Culture In Contemporary London Forces Black People To Join Gangs

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The Inability of Black Culture in Contemporary London Forces Black People to Join Gangs



Outline of the Study2

Background of the research2

Problem Statement4

Aims and Objectives4

Time Scale6

Gantt chart7



Research Method11

Literature Search11

Data Collection Method11

Population and Sample12

Sampling Method12



Outline of the Study

This research will be based on the topic “The Inability of Black Culture in Contemporary London Forces Black People to Join Gangs”. It is found that youth of black community are more towards joining gangs that are involved in the legal activities and state crimes in United Kingdom and especially in London city. The research will help the readers in analyzing the situations that force the black youth to join these gangs. The first chapter of the study will provide information related to the topic, its significance, research questions, problem statement and the aims and objectives of the study. The second chapter of the study is based on literature review that is formed with the help of quality research material taken from peer reviewed journals, articles and other authenticated sources that provide extensive information related to the research topic.

The literature review will be based on the research that is conducted by various researchers in the similar field. The third chapter will show the methodology that will be used for the study and the ways the data will be collected for this research. Fourth chapter of this research will be based on data analysis and findings. The fifth chapter will be based on the conclusion and recommendations for further research.

Background of the research

The gang is a group of people that are connected to each other with identifiable leadership and internal organization. These people are found continuously struggling to claim control over the territory in any of the community. They are found involved in illegal activities and crimes as they are the ones who are unable to fulfill their rights at ease. There are set aims and objectives of these gangs and all the members of the gang found working on the assigned tasks actively as in their view this is the only way that could help them in promoting their stance towards the discrimination that is found in the society (Dimitriadis, 2011, p.491).

There are various kinds of gangs and all these gangs have different aims and objectives for which they have organized themselves in a group. The street gangs are the most commonly observed gangs in which mostly youth is involved. Youth gang or street gang is a gang that has formed alliance of peers and has united themselves under the mutual interests. A well defined leadership is found in these gangs that are involved in designing plans that would help the gangs in accomplishing their missions and objectives.

The plans are based on illegal activities such as street crimes, murders, robbery etc. It is observed that whenever a particular group of society is not provided their rights and privileges accordingly that group is found getting themselves united against all those people who ...
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