Psychometric Test In Recruitment And Selection

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Psychometric Test in Recruitment and Selection process in India

Executive Summary

In the ever increasing competitive world right decision at the right time plays an important role for the effective functioning of the organisation. The potential of the firm is sustained with the right choice of people which is directly related to right processes for selecting them. My research proposal would throw light on the research for my dissertation which is the use of psychometric test to enhance the HR recruitment and selection process. The benefits the organisation receives after using this test and the advantages and disadvantages of using this recruitment and selection process.

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Chapter 1


In a contemporary world every stroll of life has been enclosed by inescapable changes. In this fast altering world in the enterprise natural environment, to maintain the administration have to be arranged with schemes and devices to maintain in this dynamic environment. This needs right kind of persons for the right job. Hence it is significant that organisations have well characterised recruitment methods, which will help them to get the best fit worker for the accessible position. Rejecting the right nominee or getting on board the incorrect nominee can turn out be a exorbitant activity for the organisation. So this evolves the need for right kind of assortment method and principles which would give the best result. One of the major factor that affect the success of an organisation is the recruitment and selection of right employee and the ability to retain the staff.  The set policies and procedures help to identify the right employee, on the basis of merit and a process which is free from bias and discrimination.

Companies adopt different types of process and policies for selection and recruitment like the intelligence, communication abilities, computer abilities, job aptitude, manager, leadership talent tests. Specific types of tests like the Big Five model have become increasingly popular as a selection and assessment guide in occupational studies of personality (Matthews, 1997). Psychological testing which include psychometric test has gained importance in this competitive world.

Aim and Hypothesis

The main aim of the study is to investigate, analyse and evaluate the importance of the psychometric test for the recruitment and selection process in an organisation. The research will throw light on what contribution psychometric test can make for the improvement in the recruitment and selection process in the ever increasing in the competitive and changing environment. As it is psychological test which involves the understanding the test for ability and personality, A large number of skill/competency tests are also generally available, from a range of sources other than the large testing companies - notably the ubiquitous typing test, but also a range of literacy and numeracy tests for which no special licence is necessary, and which can be copied ...
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