Recruitment And Selection

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Article Critique: Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection

This paper is an article critique of Recruiters fails to check CV qualification claims' written by Prickett, R. 'Recruiters fail to check CV qualification claims' in 1998.

In this article the author says that

“Pop-corn kernel is hard, indigestible and seemingly worthless. Add a bit of heat into it, and watch it transform before your eyes. Every now and then people in life can do the same thing.”


Recruitment and selection is an integral part of human resource management and more specifically as part of the human resource planning process. As future graduates we wanted to get a better understanding of what awaits us in terms of securing future employment. Recruitment and selection is widely researched and discussed by HRM academics, therefore there was a great wealth of materials available.

The objectives for this article was to

•To distinguish between theory and practice;

• To provide an overview for present students of current recruitment and selection processes;

•To share the firsthand top tips we received while conducting our research;

•To get the widest possible understanding of the recruitment and selection process, through researching a variety of different industries.

The author says that the structure of our project is fairly straight forward. The project begins with a review of the resources consulted while conducting our research for our project. Following the literature review we discussed the methodology for the research that was carried out by our group members. The project then progresses to the discussion of our extensive findings. The project then concludes with our recommendations to organisations which we believe would assist them greatly in innovating their recruitment and selection process.

The author demonstrates that the recruitment process of selecting outstanding people is emphasised in the article. This article highlights that the most important impact on the candidate ...
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