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Public Health Issue

Public Health Issue


This paper has been written with regards to a public health care issue, more specifically about HIV AIDS more dominantly in the United Kingdom. Various aspects lead to negative consequences on the health which then results in individuals getting infected by HIV AIDS. The paper further discusses the role of nurses in the promotion of health of the individuals in the community with regards to this issue that is prevailing in the UK. Moreover, the role of nurses in health inequalities because of this public health issue has also been discussed.

Rationale for the Choice

HIV AIDS have become a major challenge for the human beings in the world today. This is because of the rate at which AIDS is spreading amongst the people. However, it is the duty of the health care organizations and nurses to take care of the people and to ensure that ethical standards are being followed. Lack of appropriate nursing leadership can result in high rate of the spread of disease. Therefore, different ways should be adopted to keep the people motivated, and nurses should educate people with regards to AIDS. However, during this, the ethical issues such as unfair treatment towards patients, discrimination and leaking privacy should not be practiced should also be taken care of (Virginia Nurses Today 2003, pp. 2).

Background of the Issue

AIDS is a virus that attacks the immune system of the people and damages the cells progressively. Moreover, the individual suffering from AIDS is more prone to get infections, and it becomes hard for him to fight against them. However, if the person suffering from AIDS is not treated, he faces various challenges. In, order to diagnose AIDS by dropping a certain number of the immune system cells that is in the blood. However, there is no cure for it, but there are many people who think AIDS can be cured. In order to stay safe from it, it is essential for people to know about it and to prevent themselves from infection by taking precautionary measures (Sage 2011, pp.1).


With regards to the prevalence of HIV AIDS in the UK, there has been a steady increase in the spread of the disease since the time it got discovered in the early 1980's. Therefore, the numbers of people suffering from the diseases who got diagnosed have also increased. Since 1987 to 1990, the numbers of people who got diagnosed have doubled from 8,016 to 15,166. The concentration of HIV AIDS was higher in the high risk groups, and this included those men who have sex with men, inject drugs, and those who have received treatment with products of blood. It has been reported in December 2010, that there were 1955 recipients who received blood and tissue products and got infected by HIV because the blood products got contaminated (Rosenkoetter & Milstead 2010, pp. 1). Safety guidelines with regards to blood got established in 1985, and this got done to ensure that infections do not occur because of blood ...
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