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Examination and Assessment of How Some Problems are Made Public and Governed

Public Opinion Governed

It is impossible for any nation that their government does not affect public opinion. From the outset, the media through the telegraph, the government was casting and forming thoughts of the person or for personal purposes, or what they think is best for the state. Some people believe that the manipulation of public opinion, government law, while others believe that the effect should be reversed (Edward, 1923, 125). Government has the responsibility and the responsibility must follow accountability. Almost every major world leader to use some of their propaganda in the service in the office let it be a fascist Mussolini, Hitler, Nazi, or even a Democratic George Bush. Governments have the right to help or listen to their nation as they please, and make decisions based on their personal values and ideologies. The Holocaust, perhaps the worst humanitarian point is a prime example of excessive social influence. No one can raise their opinions, and only heard the voice of the government. Genocide surely have been committed against the Jews, the world has not interfered with Hitler's rise to power was through constant propaganda and the German people thought they should support him to the nationalist. Some people may argue that, in accordance with the rule of Hitler, the number of people living a better life. They had education, medical care, and ideal working conditions that led Germany to success and happiness he never had. Prior to the dictatorship of Hitler, the German Government has always made a cruel decision, which prevents any further possible improvements in their economies. Stalin is another example of extreme advocacy, to become a dictator (Rocha, 1997, 31). Russian people believed that they had no choice and were constantly in a state of fear and panic. Even in democratic countries like the U.S., President George W. Bush can convince the public good of international problems, such as the greenhouse effect and the war in Iraq, which otherwise they would oppose. The true question remains to what extent the government should try to influence public opinion. Governments should be able to inform the public, give advice, but never physically force anyone to do what they want. When the force becomes a factor in any political system, freedom itself cut off from their roots and cast into the abyss of uncertainty.

Dictatorship founded on the belief that people need the guidance of the elite. Germany was in ruins after World War II. The Treaty of Versailles took away their land, economy and pride. Everything was in ruins politically as a nation had no money and huge debts. When Hitler created the National Socialist Party, the citizens voted for the Nazis as a system of social production, distribution and ownership in a society will exist. They sincerely believed that life would be continuously improved, and in some sense it was done (Connor, 2007, 249-257). In the end, President von Hindenberg presented with the possibility ...
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