Quantitative Article Critique And Qualitative Article Critique

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Quantitative Article Critique and Qualitative Article Critique

Quantitative Article Critique and Qualitative Article Critique


This piece of writing documents an academic qualitative and quantitative critique of research articles namely Variations in Patients' Adherence to Medical Recommendations: A Quantitative Review of 50 Years of Research by M.Robin DiMatteo and Defining Patient-Perceived Quality of Nursing Care by June H. Larrabee and Lois V. Bolden. My critique and evaluation of the two articles is a direct analysis of the studies in both the articles and is footed on my perceptive of these types of studies from my interests in Education. My aim is to develop a logical and systematic argument footed on the level to which these researches exemplify the characteristics.


Defining Patient-Perceived Quality of Nursing Care

Title and Abstract

The article Defining Patient-Perceived Quality of Nursing Care outlines qualitative research identifying high-quality nursing care from perspective of patient. The title clearly mentions the goal of document and abstract and further allows the reader to get clear view of what the reader can extract after reading the document. Abstract is highlighting the focal points of the issue. It gives hints and prompt illustrations of the method and themes used in the procedure of getting the particular definition of nursing care under the umbrella of patients' perception. The nursing care is chief element to ensure proper healthcare facilitites (Cohen and Cesta,2005). The study explores a very significant issue in superb way.

Research Questions and Purpose of Study

The objective of the investigation is made clear by authors in title, abstract and the introduction, and it is noticeably and openly avowed in the beginning of the report. Here, the authors states that “this qualitative, descriptive study identified dimensions of nursing care quality from the patient's perspective and compared and contrasted those dimensions” (Larrabee and Bolden,2001). Principally, as eminent in the introduction, the heart of the investigation is footed largely on the comparison and contrast between other academic studies under particular dimensions for investigating and deriving definition of quality care by nurses in healthcare departments under the light of patients' perception. Whilst the objective of qualitative investigation is not generalized, it must be comprehensible that the results and conclusion accounted in the piece of writing are in reality transferable to further situations and contexts. That is, while no two patients are same but their general thinking and response of patient to the particular questions should be contrastable to other patients under similar circumstances.

Literature Review

In qualitative research it is vital to evaluate relevant literature based on the theme of research so that a rational background for the efforts of the investigator in a given context can be provided. Both the authors did surely illustrated on several pertinent literatures in order to contextualize their research; however no lucid synthesis, description, or scrutiny of that literature is palpable. For instance under the heading of Patient satisfaction instruments on page 39 the author documented that literature search discovered forty instruments for formulated to measure satisfaction level of patient but nowhere in the document has these instruments been ...
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