Quantitative Methods And Analysis

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Unit 3- IP Quantitative Methods and Analysis

Unit 3- IP Quantitative Methods and Analysis

The grounds of this synopsis is evaluating the result of a survey which concerned sixty-five workers who were randomly selected for filling the present positions at AIU Corporation. The information that is mention below needs to be acknowledged and observed prior to making any conclusion.

Overview of the data set

The data base information is on the basis of the outcome of the survey, whcih was conducted by AIU's management. For all intents and purposes, the variables of profile, which fabricated the following; tenure, position, department, and age with the organization. The employee group was segregated into categories on the basis of their age: 50 to 65, 16 to 21, and 22 to 49 years. The subdivisions even contain 3 categorizations: Administration, Human Resources (HR), and Information Technology (IT). After this there term corresponds to the years for which the employees were working in the company beginnign from 2-years

or under 2-5 years, and those, which encompass more that five or five years. A variable summary got utilized for classifyinh items,which will be required for additional examination and/or interpretation. The satisfaction levels of the employees were even manipulated by extrinsic and intrinsic factors in addition to the differetn benefits. The overall levels of job satisfaction of the employees were even an element of that data. The qualitative methods deals with the data's description, which could not be measured, but could be observed and the quantitative methods deals with numbers,which can be and have to be calculated.

Use of probability and statistics in the real world

Management of Business depends on the statistics in the work place for figuring out the arithmetical statistics for determining the extent to which the employees and the company are performing well (Robbins & ...
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