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Question and Answers


In the world we live in today, technology has become one of the most important factors. Technology is one of today's needs, as this can make different things or activities necessary for the human being (Wayman, Stringfield, 2006). Thus in this paper I am going to discuss some basic but significant concepts related to technology.

Question no. 1

Net Generation

The new technologies have an impact on the methods and strategies of companies. For Net guru Don Tapscott, they upset them altogether. Tapscott summarizes the principles of Wikinomics in four points: open (being open), lateral cooperation (peering), sharing, and act globally (acting globally). According to me he got the story, because technology influences the way young people think. For me the main strength of the Net Generation is the ubiquity of digital technology in the lives of its members. "For Don Tapscott generation Internet has a work ethic that gives him an edge in innovation (Tapscott, 2008)." Don Tapscott is clearly ecstatic with respect to young people today. I strongly believe that teenagers who grew up with the Internet are not only highly skilled in capturing digital technologies but also their brains and thinking are different. Don Tapscott said that "the Internet, mobility and large volumes of data, in the context of data analysis ever more efficient, allow companies to boost their performance and make significant gains in the market.

Question no.2

It has become evident, our smartphones, our computers and digital tablets have a real effect on the quality of our relationships with others. Connected nearly 24 hours on 24, we can talk at any time, and yet more than ever feel disconnected from their families and their communities.

Turkle, Sherry's Alone Together

Turkle, Sherry In her book Alone Together, became interested in various aspects of new technologies. The use of robots in eldercare virtual games like Second Life, which allows individuals to adopt a new identity and experiences in a parallel universe. The psychologist gives the example of Facebook, which has reinvented the social life of young people. "This is Facebook that has defined what sociability, Shery says Turkle. From this course I learnt that we need to give the new technologies their rightful place. They are useful, but they should not be invasive. Above all, do not let them replace trade in the flesh, much more rewarding. I think a lot about the effects of technology in our material life, but it is high time to pay attention to the effects of these new technologies in our personal lives (Sherry, 2010).

Walter's Steve Jobs

Walter's book an inexhaustible source of stories about the life and work of Steve Jobs and a very faithful and fruitful reflection on the development of computer technology in recent decades. What I learnt from this book is that Every leader and every manager want their people to work together, all in the same direction, supporting each other, all helping to achieve the objectives of the group. Steve also gave an impassioned speech celebrating their unique talents and ...
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