Railway Projects

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Railway Projects

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Greenfield and Brownfield Construction4

The Difficulties of Project Cost Estimation5

The Best Practice Standard6

Project Scope Definition6

Estimate Framework and Demonstration Format7

Contingency for Risk7

Inherent Risks7

Contingent Risks8


Total Outturn Cost10

Calculating Risk10

The Rail Results11

Contributors to the High Cost of Rail12

Transport for Australia Purchase Policy13

The Appearance Strategy13

The Acquiring Strategy14

Registration of Interest and Hurdle Criteria14

The Invitation to Tender15


The Dimension the Project16

The Cost of Tendering17

Organizational Chart17

Salaries of Contracting Team17

Analysis of Projected Cash Flows18

Maximum bridging finance required to cover negative expenditure18

Month in which the project commences a positive cash flow18

Contractor's expenses and income 'S' curves18

Darwin Railway Station20

Moore Bank Intermodal Freight Terminal21

Pilbara Railways22


Rolling Stock23

Signalling And Communications23

The Future24

Conclusion & Recommendations24

Gantt Chart24


Railway Projects


The development of significant transportation facilities is a complicated exercise, including multidisciplinary groups, a development lifetime of many decades and costs of huge amount of money or more. As this section shows, there are many factors that must be taken into consideration when calculating the cost of a project.

Accurate cost evaluation is a critical element of transportation facilities. If a supporter under-estimates the cost, they may not have enough money to finish the project, achievement may have to be late or funds may have to be taken from other budget areas; on the other hand, over-estimating the cost of a project may reduce the capability of other programs or tasks to be financed, or result in a project not being designed at all.

Greenfield and Brownfield Construction

One of the key factors impacting the cost of a transportation facilities project is whether the development website is a 'greenfield' or 'brownfield' website. A greenfield website is the term for those tasks which are designed away from current managing facilities. In the case of track tasks, a new track range in a new arena is considerably greenfields development. For example the South Western Rail link, or the Alice Spring to Darwin link (An, et al., 2005).

Greenfield development tasks are not considerably affected by real or potential restrictions from current functional facilities except at the connection or traversing points.

In comparison, the term brownfields relates to those tasks which are designed within or together with managing facilities, such that the development sequence, methods and access within the worksite are considerably restricted in some way. For track tasks, the operator's goals may consist of the continual of track functions throughout the development system. Brownfield development requires significant additional style, development and management resources from both the specialist and the consumer organizations than greenfield development. For example the Kingsgrove to Revesby quadruplication, the Richmond Line replication (Brusco, & Lopomo, 2002).

The Difficulties of Project Cost Estimation

Estimating the cost of significant facilities tasks is a complicated task. it is recognized that project charging is inherently unclear because it is about forecasting the long run.

Researchers mentioned that there are many factors that must be taken into consideration when calculating the cost of a project, which range from website and specialized studies to the condition of the acquiring industry, climate and international currency costs. In order to estimate project costs one needs knowledge of the circumstances that ...
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