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Rap Music

Rap Music


This essay examine that rap is a misogynistic music because is often recognized with violent and hatred of women , also it is deconstructive understanding is presented in which gangsta rap music's violent and misogynist lyrics are explicated in conditions of the representative programming of gender relationships. However, negative views of womanhood do not prohibit women's participation; instead, many U.S. and international female artists work within hip-hop culture to counter those stereotypes (Mitchell, 2001). In the context of the paper we intend to throw light on genre of rap music relating to the pretext of the paper. It would be done through inculcating different perspectives in order to develop an effective and efficient understanding of the subject.

Many experts believe that Rap Music is primarily crafted for the men as this genre of music is known to have stretched its roots from the notions of anger and was used by many to vent out their anger against the present regime. Because it is viewed by many as the answer to the policies of the regime of that time and was rebellion in nature. Thus many stringed it with men. Before moving further in the context of the paper the fact should be kept in mind that Rap Music was viewed as a separate genre in the late 1960's rap like the rest of the hip-hop culture accumulates a sad aspect, hedonistic and rebellious appearance. The themes vary by gender and evolved through the ages.


Rap Music is viewed as a genre which tends to provide blacks with a source of positive self-images and a combined criticism of tyranny that is considered a real black music. Many believe that the lyrics of rap music tend to advocate a connection to rock-nacional, an association missing almost in every hip hop. On the other hand, "Festa da misica" plainly shows the admiration of the struggle Black music has undergone for achieving a place of respect and expression. The rap songs promote violence, especially against women be sold to minors because they give a bad example. Many people that rap music has considerable influence on children and adolescents, much of which is negative. These people say that the lyrics are usually particularly violent and offensive to women. It for this, they say, that rap has contributed to the aggression among young people leads to many to disrespect towards women (Miyakawa, 2005).

Lyrics in rap music

As the soul and funk underlying them, the texts deal with topics common to all Western popular music, that is to say, everyday life, love or sex. In the light of the research the fact can be stated that the text and theme of the rap music tends to revolve around the consumer whore and symbols of power, like women, cars or guns. The rappers are on these fantasies and construct characters generally unrelated to their true personality and their daily reality. Criticisms have been made against these texts described as sexist, materialistic or advocating violence, by politicians and by the ...
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