Effects Of Rap Music On Aggression

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Effects of rap music on aggression



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This research examine about the effects of rap music on aggression. During the pre-history, music was part of celebrations and rituals, which is not much different from the uses that are given today. Music is an element that influences every day in the life of youth, and teens do not listen to what their parents say is right, but listen to what they want or what their friends tell him, but the music is characterized by having more violent messages each day, and promiscuous sex that are heard by the young, well known artists in their videos are becoming less and less clothing and showing sexual messages young people are looking forward. This series of diversity of societies, groups and cultures together with the uniqueness of individuals give rise to a number of differences in the process of socialization and social control, they cannot achieve total uniformity in the compliance of people with values, models, patterns, standards or rules of social behavior. It is founded that listening to rap music does have some impact on verbal and non verbal aggression. The conclusion was that watching violent music videos does negatively affect behavior

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Background of the study1

Problem Statement1

Purpose of the study2

Rationale of the study2

Significance of the study4



Kind of research14





Phase I Sample Selection14

Phase II Evaluation15

Phase III Results and conclusions15




Chapter 1: Introduction

Background of the study

The effect of music on the mind of man is now an essential in our everyday life and is often overlooked, too. Even though we are rarely aware that music plays a crucial Role in advertising, in films and in shops and even a guest house in the leaves to observe the influence of music. Music has always been one of the main elements in the formation of culture, and in turn can affect behavior and emotions of individuals. Throughout history music has undergone major changes, you may notice changes in musical styles over the years from classical music, to disco up to the present, and every age has had a musical style that represents. Music can play an important role in socialization and identity formation of adolescents, and has become a symbol of his search for identity and autonomy. (Arnett 2008)

When man created the music, was still supposed supernatural origin and it was not his work. The sound must have been for some primitive man incomprehensible and therefore mysterious and magical. Naturally, man has given to music that powers attributed to the ...
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