The Effect Of Violent Rap Music On Verbal And Non-Verbal Aggression In Young Men

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The effect of violent rap music on verbal and non-verbal aggression in young men



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Historical origin of Rap music2

Effect of Rap Music on Mood3

Effect of mellow music on mood4

Violent music can increase aggression in individuals5

Can viloent Rap music cause aggressive behaviuor8

Biological imbalance in individual genes/culture10

Spiritual side of violence12




Rap is a genre belonging to the hip-hop cultural movement that emerged in the early 1970s in the United States. In the early hours of the MC (master of ceremony, master of ceremonies), they were used just to pay the DJ and rapped the parties were simply called MC-ing. Rap as the rest of the hip-hop culture combines a festive look and appearance protest. The themes vary by gender and evolved through the ages. As the soul and funk that inspired it, the texts covered topics common to all western popular music that is everyday life, love or sex. Many rap groups are also intended to protest the words that are close to the punk and poetry of the beat generation. The first song of this kind is The Message written by Melle Mel and Grandmaster Flash sung. These words, sometimes are highly virulent against the symbols of power, including police and justice have stigmatized the rap for a portion of the population. These include the American Public Enemy or the french group Assassin.

Critics are actually quite violent in the protest among minority group and appearance is usually limited to a disclosure that goes through the descriptions of social problems such as racism, poverty, unemployment, exclusion. In reaction against the dramatization of certain lyricists, rappers address the daily life of neighborhoods in the positive manner. A recursive theme, especially in the gansta rap revolves around the consumer society and the symbols of power, like women, cars and firearms. The rappers are on these fantasies and characters are built usually unrelated to their true personality and their daily reality. Criticisms have been made against these texts called sexist, materialistic or advocating violence, by politicians and the middle part of rap. (Chang, 2005)

Historical origin of Rap music

A musical style that began in black and Hispanic neighborhoods Yorkers, is linked from the beginning of 1980 to the environments of hip hop culture. Musical style of the latter was taken as an example to integrate various streams, such as break dance music, electro, urban graffiti or scratch. Hip hop is marked by evolving from the primary forms of religious music of African-American community in the ...
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