Reductionist Scientific System Vs. Holistic System Approach

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Reductionist Scientific System vs. Holistic System Approach

Reductionist Scientific System vs. Holistic Systems Approach


The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast reductionist systematic approach with holistic system approach. The core objective of this paper is to enlighten and explore reductionist system approach, and holistic system approach. Nonetheless, the paper aims to contrast these approaches in order to emphasize the optimal system approach. Reductionism system approach can be synthetically defined as a system in which everything can be explained with nothing more than the sum of its constituent parts. This assumption allows an observer to interpret a finding on the basis of data computation under the properties and laws of diverse sophisticated systems and properties. Reductionist system approach cannot be confused with the concept of reduction in science, which can be noted as one of the ways that express the necessary connection between the elements of a conventional theory or scientific logic.

Nonetheless, antireductionism or holistic system approach postulates the irreducibility of every observable conception to the sum of its parts. The holistic system approach represented the properties and laws of sophisticated system; however, holistic system approach cannot be explained by the properties and laws of the simpler systems. This is the core and most important difference between the reductionist system approach and the holistic system approach. The findings with the rationale provided by reductionist system approach engulf the conceptions, properties and law of both sophisticated and simpler systems. Nonetheless, the holistic system approach only incorporates the rationale given by sophisticated conceptions, properties and laws not simpler.

Reductionist System Approach vs. Holistic System Approach

The fundamental problem that arises with the reductionism is not the question of the existence related to the specific quality sophisticated materials; however, the question that challenges its nature is its specificity. The recognition of this specificity is the initial premise of both reductionism and the holistic system approach. On this basis, it is possible to assert that the characteristic of this specificity is something primal, initial and un-deductible. Nonetheless, this conception can also be explained and reduced to more rudimentary levels (Raia, 2008, 89-96). Reductionism raises the qualitative specificity of complex systems that must be understood simply as a product of regular impediment with less complex formations; moreover, reductionism denotes the result of the dialectical process of transition that represents quantitative variables' conversion into qualitative.

Reductionism is the system that contradicts holistic system approach. The core difference between these two ...
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