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Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper


Many aspects of Human Resources management are changing along with major trends in globalisation, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics. This paper will review some of these changing aspects to gain a better understanding of Human Resources and their role today in organisational development.


With so many companies entering into the global marketplace today, Human Resource (HR) issues exist to contend with such as diversity, culture, and ethics of the countries a company may seek to do business with. According to our text 'Many organisations are increasingly outsourcing business activities.' (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2004, p. 49) With the increase in outsourcing, many other issues and concerns need to be addressed by HR. When GENBAND bought the switching division of Tekelec this year, they had to consider the re-naming of products that would fit into their current suite of products naming convention. One of the names they originally selected had to be shelved because it meant something vulgar in Chinese, which is one of the countries they do business in. If they had kept the original selection for a name, HR would have had many issues to deal with.

The advent of technology in the workplace today brings forth new challenges for HR in governing communications within and outside of the company. For instance specific policies may have to be created to govern what can be communicated and disseminated via email outside of the company to ensure that the company does not have law suits brought against them. In addition all the Operational, and Business Support Systems (OSS & BSS) that are used to track customer's private data need to be considered in the role of HR. These systems must be covered by laws governing safe protection and control of private data and information. Our text tells us that 'The way business is conducted has changed rapidly during the past few years and will continue to do so.' (Noe et al., 2004, p. 50) These rapid changes in the business is done today have an overall effect on the way that HR completes their role as well. Many of the functions of HR today are via email and other electronic means. All these changes in the way business is done require HR to make adjustments on process, programs, and functional job descriptions.

Diversity continues to be a valid concern in the workplace, and an important aspect of the HR role. HR must ensure that no discrimination is used in hiring, promoting, and termination practices within the organisation. HR's responsibility is to ensure that all laws governing such acts are communicated, trained on, and followed to ensure diversity and fairness in the organisation. According to Chubb, 'Workforce diversity needs to be viewed as a competitive advantage and a business opportunity.' (The Chubb Corporation, 1995-2007, p. 1)E-Business brings a whole new face to the HR role. With E-Business, we have additional issues and concerns related to technology, and the safe keeping of private data to contend ...
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