Reflection Paper, Listening Skills

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Reflection Paper, Listening Skills

Reflection Paper, Listening Skills


This is the reflective essay that reflects the results of the given activity. This paper deals with the basic concept of the listening skills, its advantages and disadvantages. It also deals with the significance of the listening and communicating skills of the person. It also reflects that the importance of communication skills in an organization. It also deals with the strengths and weaknesses of the person regard listening and understanding skills (Grognet, 2003).

Perfect communication skills are the core part for any successful carrier development. Most of the carrier development programs emphasizes on the importance and competitiveness of the listening activities. Listening is one of the most dratted skills of the human quality. With improved listening skills, one can significantly improve its relationship with the people in your surroundings. With superb listening skills, the conflicting relationships turn in the productive one, difficulties and problems will overcome. It also the save of time, resources and energy if one is capable to understand the message completely for the first time he/she listen to it (Grognet, 2008).

The role of multimedia is utmost important in developing the listening skills. In the recent two decades, many broad ranges of the audio-video technologies were introduced. Unfortunately, not a single of them comes to fundamental conclusion. In fact, despite these technologies a learner is very much intact with its personal computer. Nowadays, learner finds it to be more attractive the computer generated combine text and graphics and control combination of analog and digital audio- video themes and animations. Effectively this integrating technology becomes an arduous task for developers and the teachers (Grognet, 2003).


With the face-to-face interaction, listening plays a vital and dominant role in the interpretive process. The listening activity can be effectively increases by following the actions described. Try to adjust with the people that you don't want to listen to them. Always remain focused on the topic even if you are not interested in that topic. If you know that what the speaker is going to say, even then you must listen to him. Try to repeat the words in your mind. Of the point, of view of the speaker is conflicting with your view even then you must listen to him. Always try to put yourself in the learning mode. Always try to sort out the words with which you are not familiar. Form a picture, of the scenario that the speaker is explaining. Do not try to give the impression of listening when you are actually not listening. Try to create fantasy while the speaker is delivering the message. Always try to figure out the fundamental idea. You should always listen to the whole speech of the speaker with patience even if you are not willing to listen it. Eye contact with the speaker is essential in understanding the concept. Always try to focus on the message of the speaker rather than its physical appearance. Note down the words that affect your ...
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