Regulation Of Domain Name Disputes And E-Commerce

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Regulation of domain name disputes and e-commerce - Adequate

Regulation of domain name disputes and e-commerce - Adequate

A phenomenon known as online dispute resolution is, simply put, to resolve disputes on the Internet. This occurs in many forms and forums throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and other countries. USO arrangements today, as they say, early harbingers of a future global landscape of dispute resolution in the digital age.

The term refers to an array of USO dispute settlement procedures. Some of them are fully automated, while others, although they occur exclusively on the Internet, involve human neutral. A large group of processes that are included in CID use digital technology to a lesser extent. Thus, online dispute resolution is not a monolithic concept - for this reason, some authors argue that it is more accurate to say nothing about the USO and the USO more methods, or even "a lot of online dispute services, dedicated to prompt and speedy settlement of disputes.

Area outside the settlement of disputes has grown and flourished alongside the rapid development of technology for nearly thirty years. Nevertheless, successful relationship between the ADR and technology could not have happened without the emergence of commercial Internet and World Wide Web a decade ago. Since then, one of the major challenges facing the global network, how to solve an increasing number of cross-border disputes in the electronic environment. Various legal and non-legal obstacles such as physical, linguistic and cultural distance between the parties, the legal difficulties associated with the current legislation, jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments, to make the traditional methods of dispute resolution to be ineffective in an online environment. It was argued that these deficiencies can significantly hinder the further development of Internet and electronic commerce. Although not free ...
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