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Similarities and Differences between the Beatitudes in the Gospels of Matthew 5:3-11 and Luke 6:20-26

Group 1

1. Raphael Akinrodoye

2. Deborah Akinde

3. Olabode Adejumo

4. Florence Osisami

Similarities and Differences between the Beatitudes in the Gospels of Matthew 5:3-11 and Luke 6:20-26

Contributions and Preparations

Religion is the subject which takes a lot of efforts when it comes to explain it. One cannot simply get away with this task by stating the verses from bible but it also needs extensive research and understanding so that better work can be produced. In this paper, our task was to compare the Beatitudes in the Gospels of Matthew 5:3-11 and Luke 6:20-26. We had to identify the similarities and differences between both texts. In order to come up with the best work, the work was divided among our group members. Our group comprises of four members that are Raphael Akinrodoye, Deborah Akinde, Olabode Adejumo and Florence Osisami. Raphael was assigned to identify the similarities while differences were found by Deborah. On the other hand Florence and Olabode had to edit the work and compile it.

As I had to bring the similarities, I found myself in identifying its differences as well. It is my trait that I do my work with complete dedication that is why I could not restrict myself in only finding out the similarities. Rather I read about its complete comparison whether similarities or differences. Firstly, I went through both texts and tried to understand the obvious similarities and differences. Then I also went to the nearby church and discussed it with the father there. His explanations and our dialogue really helped me working out the presentation. After this, I also went through different researches conducted by theologian so that I could support my argument in a well manner. Although, this whole task was extensive but I enjoyed working over this as it increased my personal knowledge about the gospel.


Though our preparations were complete and my group which is the Group 1 was all set to present our work, but unfortunately, luck was not with as at the day of presentation. We could not make it to the college due to bad weather. Snow hit the town the day before presentation day and roads were blocked for the transport. None of our group member could reach the college because the walking distance is not convincing and snow also made it more difficult. Owing to this reason, our group could not come up with the presentation that very day. I and my group are aware of the fact that our presentation is extremely important for our course and we held ourselves responsible for lagging behind, but we assure our teacher that we will do efforts to overcome the loss.


In general, the word “Beatitude” means a status of bliss and delight. Nonetheless, “The Beatitudes” are the series of passages the Jesus Christ taught his people. It is commonly known as The Sermons on the Mount that are recorded in the Bible in ...
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