Religion And Happiness

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Religion and Happiness

Religion and Happiness


Many people have looked for happiness where it was not, and then they came back empty handed, exhausted, desperate, like someone who had looked for pearls in the desert! Certainly, in all ages, people have tried to find it in material enjoyments, the most diverse in all sensual pleasures, but they realized that this was not enough to lead to happiness.

Some have thought that happiness lies in wealth, in luxury, pleasure and material comfort. However, in countries where people have reached the highest standard of living, where every material comfort is assured, whether it is food and drink, clothing, housing, transportation or conveniences more diverse, people are still unhappy, suffer from depression and seek other ways to achieve happiness. The abundance of wealth does not buy happiness and do not even constitute the main element. On the contrary, material wealth is sometimes the misfortune to its owner in this world before the other.

Description and Analysis

Happiness lies not in wealth, in power, in the abundance of children in the benefit, nor yet in material science. Happiness is something abstract, intangible, which cannot be measured or content or bought with money. It is something that humans feel in the depths of themselves ... a purity of soul, a heart of serenity, inner joy, a piece of conscience. Happiness is something that comes from inside the human being, not something he can get outside.

However, a study by sociologist Jan Eichhorn of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, has revealed that the relationship between religiosity and individual happiness, indicated by previous studies, depends on the degree of religiosity in society. As reported, Eichhorn research included a total of 43 countries, most of them in Europe, although it also included the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. As in research, ...
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