Religion And Theology

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Religion and Theology


Theology and Biblical Foundations

The theologians from all the disciplines specialize in biblical theology. It is their routine work and they mostly prefer the secular historian approach towards the operations and methods of the church.

Practical Theology

This is what the people perceive of God in their routine lives. Their roles and their relevance to pastoral situations are determined as well.

Pastoral Theology

The term pastoral is present in many aspects of church life and therefore beyond the scope of theology. There are those who apply the term to a particular pastoral approach dealing with various theological matters in this case would not have pastoral theology and scientific status would not be considered a theological discipline. Theological reflection on the activity of the Church is the particular content of pastoral theology

Concept of Praxis

It refers us to a union and close relationship between theory and practice, a practice that is consciously directed to an end, and a reflection that is related to the practical.

Biblical Foundations of pastoral theology

Through the Holy Spirit, the Church is born at Pentecost is incorporated in the body of Christ, and Christ acts through it to make salvation present in all times and places. The first communities were aware that their rationale was in Jesus Christ and in the gospel, and that his mission was to proclaim the kerygma, the teaching of the Apostles (Didache), the call to conversion, fraternal life ( koinonia) and the celebration of the Lord's Supper.

Pastoral care and counseling for multicultural context.

In the early Church community forms appear different in unity and communion, as witnessed by the communities of Jerusalem, Antioch, Corinth, Macedonia, and Rome, Galatia.

However, the basic concentration of the church has been focused on uniting the Christian community together.

Pastoral theology

Pastoral theology is the reflective or theoretical effort that makes the Church through Christian communities, with the help of theologians to understand the faith, hope and charity.

Practice of theology

The traditions of the church teach the elements of love and hope to the Christian community.

Hermeneutics and Theology

The hermeneutic is, therefore, one who is engaged to interpret and reveal the meaning of the messages, making understanding possible and avoided any misunderstanding.

History of the Church in pastoral

The early traditions adopted by the church are defined, with the context of current traditions in mind.

Religion and Theology

Theology and Biblical Foundations

Biblical theology is a part of the everyday work of theologians from all disciplines, more than any other scientists to work with methods that in themselves are "strange times": The Bible Studies for example, work with literary or linguistic. Methods and the operation of a church historian Jewelers hardly differ from that of a secular historian. For literature and history related to objects (letters, stories, books, councils, religious foundations, individuals, Organic monographs, etc.) that each require a specific methodological approach. The systematic theology developed and discussed among others - somewhat analogous to philosophy. Conceptual models to the current understanding of historical texts, ideas and dogmatic shear formulas.

Practical Theology

Practical theology is concerned with the perception of the presence ...
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