Religion And Theology

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Religion and Theology

Religion and Theology

Kratos: A new religion

Religion is a fundamental feature of every society which have some set of belief on followed by ist believers. Though number of religions already exist around me but still I feel an urge of formulating a one on my own or need of any other religion which comprises my set of beliefs. This is the reason that I will make a new religion called “Kratos” which will be a religion with a diverse multitude of belief systems. Creating a new reliugion is not a simple task because its houdl have some beliefs, faiths, values and morals that is why it is important for me to consider all these issues. All the beliefs and values and faith of my religion are documented in this paper. This new religion will have oneness of disciple and mentor. This religion is also central to qualitative unifying power and doctrine. Initially, and the foremost correspondence of its doctrine will be owned by Raavan. It is the spirit of disciple and oneness of mentor that helps to enable the symbiosis of Kratos and Hinduism into a completely new type of a religion. The spirit and the belief for oneness of disciple and mentor can be inculcated in its devotees of this new kind of religion, which is by calling a mentor upon. As it is a new religion, it will not have a mentor as his or her as a prior person. Moreover, as the God of this new religion (Kratos) is a human, has to die one day or the other.

The next question arises, who will be the successor of the throne? To whom will the devotees follow and who will be considered as their new God? Whether the consistency of this religion will stay as it ...
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