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Reputation Management Plan of Rosebank Engineering

Reputation Management Plan of Rosebank Engineering

Company profile

Rosebank Engineering is located in Bayswater and specialises in component engineering, manufacturing, repairing, overhauling, testing and assembly and provision of logistic support for high performance aircraft. An example of specific area of high performance aircraft include precision machining of flight controls, landing gear and airframe parts. The business uses over 100 people.

Rosebank Engineering is currently involved in the Victorian Government's water management action plan (waterMAP) program. As part of the program users of > 10 ML of drinking water per year are required to:

Assess their present water use

Identify inefficiencies and opportunities for water savings

Prepare an action design to apply water conservation activities

Annually report on implementation of water conservation activities

The Australian aerospace industry

The Australian aerospace industry has a strong reputation internationally for innovation and technical sophistication. Australia's strengths, particularly in engineering design, tooling, use of advanced composite materials and the development and manufacture of airframe structures is recognised by the major global aerospace primes on programs such as the Joint Strike Fighter and 787 Dreamliner. The Australian aerospace industry also has extensive capabilities for aircraft life extension, with capacity and expertise in all aspects of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul servicing both military and civilian markets. This capability directory is testimony to the wide range of high quality products and services available from Australia across the defence and commercial aerospace sectors. The Australian Aerospace Industry Forum is an industry led organisation established to ensure the continued development of a sustainable aerospace industry. The Forum aims to promote Australian capabilities off shore and also acts as a point of contact for the industry. Anyone interested in information on Australian companies and their capabilities can contact the Forum on The Forum provides a collective industry voice to government on current issues. Comprising the Australian subsidiaries of large international firms as well as local small to medium enterprises and representative industry and professional associations, the Forum seeks innovative solutions to common problems as well as encouraging collaboration amongst firms.

The aerospace industry has produced many innovations in the last century. Major suppliers in the aviation industry such as Airbus, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and Bombardier now face fierce global competition and the industry is believed to become increasingly similar to the automotive industry. There are tough challenges in the aviation battlefield. Clearly, one of the factors is the plummeting airfares, which would have been inconceivable a decade ago. This has no doubt played an important role in influencing the suppliers' course of action. Changes in consumers' demands and expectations will also shape the future. Consumers now require shorter travel time, more comfort and no longer perceive air travelling as a luxury and exclusive item but more of another faster convenient mode of transportation from Point A to Point B. Suppliers have to acclimatize to stay afloat. Aeroplanes are no longer constructed individually by a specialist but in sequence productions. Development cycles are shorter and new materials are introduced in the manufacturing process ...
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