Reputation Management Strategy

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Reputation Management Strategy

Reputation Management Strategy


Most studies show that up to 73% of people do research on a company or person before doing business with them. What happens if a potential customer finds untrue and slanderous statements about you or your business on the first page of Google? Statistics indicate that you are losing business off these bad reviews. Businesses globally have been losing millions of dollars annually due to bad online presences.

At Saveso, we focus solely on the restoration of your good name, or a business's brand name. For an individual, a reputation takes a lifetime to build, and can be destroyed by a single negative blog. For a business, a brand name can take years and sometimes millions of dollars to create, but can be maligned by negative and unfair internet posts, oftentimes by former disgruntled employees, unsatisfied customers, or by the competition!

What recourse is available for an individual, or a business, who have been victimized by a malicious internet smear campaign?

The answer is an online reputation management (ORM) package oh Reputation Repair & Management. We utilize a team of SEO internet specialists who are aggressive in replacing negative smears with positive content, showing our clients in a more positive light and fixing the bad reputation.

If your reputation is being ruined by negative search engine results your first impulse is to set things right, But how? 

Fortunately, there is something you can do. Internet Reputation Management is a technology company that specializes in helping companies and individuals regain their reputations on the Internet. 

Reputation Management Improvement Service

Online reputation management in the search engines is everything in the business world. If you have a bad online reputation, then customers are going to avoid using your business. If you don't have any search engine reputation at all, then clients will hesitate to trust you, even if they manage to hear about you. If you have a good reputation, then your company is willing to do anything to maintain that positive image. At Brick Marketing, we understand that reputation management is very important and critical to online success, which is why we offer an expert online reputation management improvement service.

Our Reputation Management Improvement Service Process Includes:

Creating a reputation management strategy after learning more about you and your business.

Creating a plan of attack for going through with that online reputation strategy.

Maintaining any online marketing that is used for this reputation management strategy.

To execute a proper online search engine reputation management strategy there is a lot of labor involved with this particular process, while remaining under the radar, so that your current and future clients won't know that you've hired outside marketing assistance. The customized strategy and execution could include such things as:

Online press release publicity campaign.

Creation of Social Networking profiles.

Directory listings.

Launch of a Social Media Optimization campaign.

Article marketing campaign.

Business listings and more!

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