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Requirements Management Tools

Requirements Management Tools

Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect can be defined as the combination of two power of the newest UML 2.1 specification with high presentation, intuitive interface, to convey sophisticated modeling to the desktop, and the whole team of development and implementation. With a large characteristic set and unsurpassed worth for cash, EA can outfit your whole team, encompassing analysts, testers, task managers, value command employees, team development and more, for a part of the cost of some comparable products. Check the full variety of case devices and characteristics in detail.

High capability - higher end characteristics at a equitable price

Enterprise Architect is a comprehensive device UML investigation and conceive, covering programs development from obligations to overtake through the investigation phases, conceive models, checking and maintenance. EA is a multi-user device, founded on Windows, conceived to assist construct robust programs and so straightforward to maintain. Documentation presents flexible yield and high quality. The client manual is accessible online.


What benefits does Enterprise Architect provide


Speed, steadiness and good performance

The Unified Modeling Language presents important advantages to assist construct models of programs schemes where rigorous and traceability can be sustained consistently. Enterprise Architect carries this method in an so straightforward to use, very fast and flexible. For a fast gaze at UML modeling in Enterprise Architect glimpse our UML tutorials and documents.


End to end traceability

Enterprise Architect presents entire traceability from obligations investigation to the artifacts of investigation and conceive through implementation and deployment. Combined with the position of assets and jobs constructed, teams of Project Managers and Quality are equipped with the data they require to assist them consign tasks on time.


Built on the bases of UML 2.1

The bases are constructed on Enterprise Architect for UML 2.0 specification - but does not halt there! Use UML Profiles to continue the modeling domain, while Model Validation double-checks integrity. Combine Business Processes, Information and Workflows in a model utilising our free additions for BPMN and the Eriksson-Penker profile.

EA assists you organise complexity with devices to pathway dependencies, support for very large models, type command with CVS or SCC providers, Baselines for each time issue, the utility of matching (diff) to pathway alterations to the model , intuitive interface and high presentation task outlook as a "browser."

A presents a powerful article lifetime and describing devices with a full WYSIWYG template editor. Generates comprehensive accounts and EA complexes with the data you require in the format your business or purchaser demands.

EA carries lifetime and turn around technology of source cipher for numerous well liked dialects, encompassing C + +, C #, Java, Delphi, VB.Net, Visual Basic and PHP. Add-ins are furthermore free for CORBA and Python available. With a source cipher reviewer with "syntax highlighting" integrated, EA permits you navigate and discover your model source cipher in the identical environment. For those employed in Eclipse or Visual Studio.Net, Sparx Systems furthermore deals lightweight connections to these IDE's, permitting you to model in EA and leap exactly to the source cipher in your very well liked ...
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