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Research Ethics

Researching on CALL

Research Ethics

Title and Summary of Project

The title of project is researching on CALL. One of the most difficult things when learning a new language is the adaptation of a new accent. The degree of difficulty may depend to some extent on the difference between your mother tongue and the new language that you are learning. Other important parameters are language skills and interest in learning new languages. Some individuals need a lot of assistance and attention when they are a beginner. This can be quite a challenge for a teacher with 30-35 students, giving each and every one of them enough attention and the feedback needed to improve (Chapelle, 2001). In this research I will analyze the use of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) as a tool in teaching in Saudi Arabia which is now a policy of government to increase effectiveness of learning and teaching process (Armour, 2005). The data collected through survey interviews and documents will be analyzed for recurring keywords, phrases, and patterns referencing factors that influenced the college dropout, the academic institution role in promoting adult learning, internal and external factors for a successful adult literacy program.

CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) is a computer based tool for foreign language learning or for special training in your mother tongue. CALL touches four different areas of research; psychology, computer science, linguistics and pedagogy. CALL comes from the discipline language learning and applied linguistics. CALL has a lot in common with the discipline computer linguistics but has always been separated according to (Borin, 2002) because of a misunderstanding about each other's disciplines, different culture and different language learning ideologies. Identifying the areas of need in this qualitative research study resulted in a design to collect two sets of data: (a) a survey of the adult learners; (b) interviews with faculty providing perceptions about the students needs and with students providing perceptions about faculty's instruction in the classroom. This failure in ethics the field of research is somewhat new area of study with very little development. It has come into effect in the recent decades so a lot of work is to be done in this field of study. The framing of the code of ethics should cover all the areas and department of research from the management to the financial rules of the research (Kormos & Csize, 2008).

Researchers or Investigators

I along with my two colleagues will be carrying out this research. All of us are students studying research. As far as the expertise and experience is concerned. All of us have conducted several researches before during our courses of studies. All three of us possess huge experience in the academic researches. While “there are as many approaches to analyzing data as there are perspectives on qualitative research, there is not one best approach” (Denzin, Lincoln 2005 Pp. 3-7). The suggestion by Creswell, (2007) that “The creation, testing, and revision of simple, practical, and effective analysis methods remain the highest priority of qualitative researchers” was considered ...
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