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Research Methods in Hospitality and Tourism: A case study on impacts of London Olympics 2012 on Hospitality Industry of UK

Research Methods in Hospitality and Tourism: A case study on impacts of London Olympics 2012 on Hospitality Industry of UK


Research methods are crucial for carrying out research on any topic or in any discipline as conducting research would in finding/discovering new facts and identify the area where change/improvement is required. Like any other discipline, research is also crucial in the hospitality and tourism industry, as research helps managers/owners to prepare profitable business strategies for their business. It is due to research, that managers in hospitality and tourism industry begin to focus on customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, employee retention, service quality and several other factors. (Brotherton, 2003; pp. 45-49) This study aims to discuss the research methods widely practiced in hospitality and tourism industry for exploring new dynamics regarding the field. In this connection, a research topic “impacts of London Olympics 2012 on Hospitality Industry of UK” has been selected for this purpose.

Preliminary Goal of the Proposed Topic

The subject chosen for the study would predict the impacts likely to occur because of London Olympics 2012 on the hospitality industry, by analyzing the present situation of the hospitality industry. The topic is of much importance as the predicted change in accordance with the present situation would help all the stake holders to make necessary improvement to get the maximum benefits from Olympics 2012.

Significance of the Study

The proposed research study is trying to explore multiple aspects of research subject. The study is primarily designed to measure the impacts of 2012 Olympics to be held in London. Under this research statement, the findings of research statement will be particularly helpful for the hospitality industry in terms of formulating a comprehensive strategy in this context. However, the research study is related to the future predictions, but the findings will aid the concerned authorities to prepare a better plan to treat with coming mega sporting event.

Research Questions

Research Questions/ Objectives

What are the impacts of mega sporting events in the hospitality industry?

The mere first objective of the research study is to describe the expected impacts of mega events on the developments, and growth hospitality industry considering the region of UK. London is the capital, and centre of UK where hospitality industry is exceptionally rich but the study will measure the further transformation of the industry in reflection of mega event to be organized in 2012.

Is the current condition of the hospitality industry is adequate or not to support such mega sporting event?

The second objective of the proposed research study will identify the current condition of the hospitality industry whether suitable or not for holding the mega sporting event.

What changes would London Olympics 2012 bring on the hospitality industry?

In these days, every component of the hospitality industry especially hotels and restaurants will be preparing for the provision of luxurious accommodation and convenient-food services. Therefore, the industry will intend to make further changes in relation to the ...
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