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Attitude of Young Women towards Alcohol

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Attitude of Young Women towards Alcohol


The use and abuse of Alcohol in the colleges has been a vital issue for the clinicians and also for the researchers many years. Now, the researchers have started to look at and observe the relationships among the drinking patterns of students, especially the problems associated with the use of alcohol. Various past researchers points out that young people especially the women consider it acceptable to drink in the social world. The use of alcohol is supposed as an effectual method for increasing the sociability and for guiding young people, like women, feels like they are in control of situation.



Participants in the study will be the students who are currently enrolled in the college, a college in the UK. The survey questionnaire will be administered to different classes at the college. The total number of subjects will be 40 females. Moreover, for the purpose of the research, the widest variety of students will be needed.


The College Drinking Attitude Scale (Gonzalez, 1990) will be used to assess the attitudes of young women towards alcohol. For this research study, few additions have been made to the original College Drinking Attitude Scale.


The supervisor of the test will inform students that the key goal of the research study is to discover the patterns of drinking of young women towards alcohol at college. The participants will be told that the responses will be kept anonymous; furthermore, after the participants complete the questionnaire, they will be asked to carry the responded questionnaire at the front of the room and put it face down on the table.

Research Instruments

For the data collection, questionnaire will be used. The questionnaire will help in the study of attitude of young women towards alcohol which will be analysed through the statistical analysis.


For confidentiality, pseudonyms will be used written, and recorded data will be stored securely and will be released to a third part.


The participants of the study will be debriefed at the end of the survey. In the event that a participant might become upset following the survey, it will be suggested to contact the counselling service.

Data Analysis Technique

For the data analysis, thematic analysis will be used that is to copy a sentence or two from the paper on thematic analysis based on the statistical analysis.


There is a relationship between the effect of alcohol at young age women and childhood behaviour.

There is a relationship between the effect of alcohol at young age women and binge drinking behaviour.

There is a relationship between the effect of alcohol at young age women and low self-esteem.

There is a relationship between the effect of alcohol at young age women and alcohol education.

Data Analysis and Conclusion

Data Analysis

The results from thematic analysis will be matched with the findings of already conducted researches under the broader discussion. As per the procedure of thematic analysis is concerned, the research is designed on qualitative patterns, therefore, the data would be examined in thematic ...
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