Research Proposal- Corporate Social Responsibility

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Research Proposal- Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


The purpose of this research proposal is to find the importance of CSR- Corporate social responsibilities for the business entity and the linked businesses of shareholders which results in good response from the customers. From the impacts of CSR to business' economic positions, there lies three advantages for the business, which involve the long-run secure business with profits for the companies., improvement of the shareholders' interests in the long-run, superiority of avoidance of negative social or environmental impact and improvement of public image and supports from public expectations respectively. The concept of corporate social responsibility is where the business organizations give consideration to the interest of the society with taking the responsibilities for the effects of them on customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, communities along with the other stake holders as well as their environment. These obligations clearly show that organizations need to comply with the legislations and should take initiatives voluntarily for the improvisation and well-being of the employees and even the families along with the local community and society at large.

CSR has the idea to urge entities to embrace not only the shareholder's interest but they should also take notice of the multiple stakeholders interests in action of their activities. These stakeholders involve the employees, customers, suppliers and the local community where firms conduct their business. CSR is considerably new term in actual it is the idea that business has some moral and social responsibilities other than only maximizing the profits. This term has been gaining the currency for long time back in late 1960s and early 1970s, it is when the reach of MNC's expands to international trade and because of that investment flows grew.


CSR refers to the strategies that firms use to conduct the business practices in the ethical and social friendly ways. It also involve different ranges of activities involves; working in partnership along with the local communities, relationship development with the employees, socially risky investment, the customers and their families and being involved into the activities for environmental sustainability. This research is conducted about the three theories of Corporate Social Responsibilities in terms to their meaning and practical emphasis. The paper discusses through these theories that how CSR is important for suppliers to follow its practices in order to attain a good customer response through its quality products.

These theories are considered to choose because their nature is interdisciplinary by nature which covers all the aspects from the economic system, material aspects and beneficiaries. This research will also discuss the role of CSR in developing a community.

Theories of CSR

The concept of corporate social responsibilities is basically not consentaneous. To explain CSR, there found over 25 ways, few of them are broader in context while others are explained narrowly; however there lies certain similarities between them. Some of the proposal to CSR is presented vaguely where as others are elaborated theories on the firm and that became the purpose of business of society, where CSR is its ...
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