Research Proposal In Counselling Psychology

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Research Proposal in Counselling Psychology


This research proposal aims at undertaking the vital domain of counselling psychology, and its imperative facets, with respect of the perception of the addicts, regarding the effectiveness of counselling on the treatment and its objectives. Moreover, the proposal discusses the relevant theories in this regard and the proposed methods for the research, as well the possible limitations the research may entail.

Research Proposal in Counselling Psychology


Over time, science has progressed in numerous domains, other than the main arena of technological advancements. Science has spread over a vast field, encompassing both the technological aspect, as well as numerous other quantitative domains. Similarly, psychology falls under the vast umbrella of the modern era's scientific studies. Mainly encompassed with the behavioural factors of mankind, psychology over the time has played a pivotal role in enlightening the world with respect to the core revelations regarding the human personality and cognition.

Problem Statement

In order to evade the substantial chunk of our population from the ever increasing curse of the substance abuse and its sheer psychological addiction, it is highly imperative that the minds of the subjects (addicts) are vulnerable and open to welcome the appropriate sense inculcated in them regarding the hazards, these substances cause to their health and psychological condition. However, in numerous instances, the rigidness of their minds regarding the adherence to the substance, and disregard the evil side it entails, act as an imperative impediment and the road block, between their addiction, and the sound gateway out of it, via psychological counselling. However, if astute counselling psychological techniques and procedures are employed, for diminishing the rigidness, and increasing the vulnerability of their minds, regarding paying heed to the detriments of the addictions, and entailing positive and favourable perceptions regarding the positive effects of the counselling on this pressing matter of their lives.

Purpose of the Study

This endeavour and study will first and foremost be a descriptive, as well as an exploratory study. The primary focus of the study will revolve around the perceptions of the client (addict) regarding the preventive and treatment activities of addictive behaviours through Psychological Counselling, and the favourable or ineffective results it entails (with respect to client's perception).

Aim of Study

The primary aim of the study is to astutely understand the perception of the client regarding the effectiveness of the counselling psychology in the vital domain of the addiction.

Moreover, the study will strive to understand, as though what factors cause the minds of the addicts to be either rigid or receptive towards the treatment or the counselling that the respective figures carry out, for the diminution of their addiction level.

Most importantly, not only will the study strive to understand the causes of the client's rigidness or receptiveness towards the counselling, or the positive or the negative perception he/she entails for the counselling; but also the imperative measures and process employed to turn the rigidness and the negative perception, into much favourable and positive attitude, towards the benefits which the counselling entails for ...
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