Review Of A Journal Article

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Review of a Journal Article

Review of a Journal Article

Aims of the Study

Author has justified with the article and fulfilled the purpose of the report. The ultimate purpose of this report is providing experience relative to nurse led clinical research in neonatal nursing. The paper aims to investigate the clinical experience of neonatal nurse. This study aims to find the experience of the clinical neonatal nurses in the led clinical researches (New, Bogossian , 2008). The nursing profession has always attached great importance to ethical requirements relating to its activities. However, the understanding and content to these activities has evolved throughout history. 

Research Design

The study was qualitative study. This research sought to gain an understanding of the experiences of neonatal nurses. For this, the researcher has chosen qualitative research methodology. Qualitative methods of inquiry and analysis were used to investigate these research topics. Methods of qualitative inquiry are designed to explore social and human phenomenon in their natural setting. Qualitative studies examine the big picture of people and their experiences that is, the context in which experiences occur and the relationships within and between systems. Qualitative studies then report on both the experiences and the settings in which the experiences occurred (Gubrium, Holstein, 2002). Qualitative data is often gathered from a multitude of sources within the subjects' natural setting. Sources of data may include the participants' spoken and written words, stories, descriptions, and behaviours.

In order to develop practices and policies that drive desirable behaviour, it is necessary to understand the common experiences of those that have experienced a phenomenon and assumptions that they hold. This qualitative phenomenological study was performed to describe how recession and financial crisis has affected the Lloyd bank TSB and the ways in which they have used their marketing strategies (Strauss, Corbin, 1990). Results from this study could aid in enhancing the interaction practices between lenders and borrower as well as deepening spreading awareness about the marketing strategies used by Lloyd bank during recession period.

Research Method

The interview was conducted from the neonatal nurses. The interview of five nurses was taken and the method was semi-structured. The data collected was from one to one interview. The interviews were recorded in audio tape so that it could not loss.

Why research design is important

The qualitative data is the most appropriate data for this study. Qualitative interview describes the world of living and the importance of the central theme to the subjects. Also, it is important the researcher establishes a positive rapport with the participants and makes them at ease, so that they don't filter out embarrassing or traumatic experiences and shares their deep thoughts with the interviewer (Strauss, Corbin, 1990).

The qualitative research interview attempts to describe and value of the central themes in the life of the world of objects. Understanding the main task in the interview and the importance that the respondents tried to elicit was given importance. The interview study, both the actual and the value of the level were more difficult to cover in the interview to ...
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