Road Saftey Issues

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Road Safety issues


In order to recent involvement of United States in Pakistan transportation sector, US intervention persuades me to perform an investigation on Pakistan transportation policies. This article is base on the urban transportation problems faced by the citizen of Pakistan. The paper is mainly base on the road safety problems of Pakistan. Urban transport system is Pakistan can only be managed by building improved quality roads. This critique is base on providing the critical overview of Pakistani transportation sector. The article is base on identifying the core problems in the transportation sector of Pakistan, and suggested how high level of mobility, equity environmental sustainability will be achieved. The paper identifies all the factors related to transportation in order to boost the transportation sector of Pakistan, specially the roads.

The transportation sector of Pakistan demands high attention of the government sector. Pakistan is an agricultural country where transportation is regarded as the back bone. The economy of the country will only flourish if the road structure is at its highest quality.

Good transportation facilities play a vital role in the success of any business. An efficient transportation system is demanded in Pakistan for efficient and effective production at every stage. Government of Pakistan has to play a vital role in strengthening the transportation sector of Pakistan. The economic growth is totally dependent on high quality road structure.

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Importance of Transport Security6

Transport Security situation in the Pakistan7

Types of road safety risk7

Road transportation Security7

The implementation of a policy against road safety8

Risk Freeze9

More facilities9

Outcome & conclusion10


Road Safety issues



Road issues are considered as one of the flaming issue of Pakistan. The transportation sector of Pakistan is a burning issue, from over the years. On 12, April, 2012 seven casualties are witnessed in the northern region of Pakistan, due to substandard transportation policies. The passenger bus that was coming from Manshera collided with another passenger bus near Donali Bridge (NWFP). A narrow road of highway is the chief reason of such immense tragedy (Gandapur, 2012). Other road policies violation in Pakistan includes; air pollution, noise pollution, traffic issues & congestion. The transport policy of Pakistan needs serious attention of government officials. Transportation security is a major concern for system operators of the transportation system and for national and international authorities across the globe. Transportation, regardless of the mode, is an activity that involves significant risk because of the speed related to the displacement of the moving parts (cars, cabs, etc.)

An urban and rural area of Pakistan is facing an immense breakdown of road structure. Most of the accidents are caused due to small roads and violation of traffic laws. Around fifty percent of the roads of urban area are out of order. The mobility of vehicles' is too sluggish due to road structure. Heavy containers on roads are considered as one of the biggest reason of destroying the roads. Government is not providing adequate funding to the transportation ministry, in order to revive the transportation structure. Road structure issue is getting worse day by ...
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