Role Of Nurses

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Role of Nurses

Role of Nurses


The profession of nursing calls for the protection, promotion and maximization of health and abilities. The role of nursing aims for the prevention of injury or illness. The nurses help the patients alleviate suffering through diagnosis and treatment of human response. The nurses are the advocates of care for individuals, families, communities and populations. The role of nurses is important for the provision of quality nursing care (Hassmiller, 2010). The research paper inculcates the discussion how the role of nurses helps the nurses to deliver quality nursing care in their profession.


In the healthcare area, quality has gained immense importance and focus specifically related to the patient safety, regulatory quality, quality improvement and quality assurance. With the advancement in healthcare management, the role of nurses is increasing in improving the quality improvement activities. Nurses are not just responsible for the assistant of physicians and assist with facilities provision to the patients, but their role is much more than that. They do not just have to fulfill the needs of patients and serve them because they belong to a healthcare team. Nurses also have an utmost role in patient safety, communication and medication safety. This makes the role of nurses to be served for the contribution in quality improvement. In the area of improvement of patients and contributions of innovations, the nurses are valued and asked for their expert opinions. Nurses add value to their roles when they serve their patients and become their advocates. Also, the value and quality si improvised when the nurses participate in the interdisciplinary quality improvement teams (Needleman, 2009).

The hospitals of the nation have now huge increase in demands for participation in a wide number of quality improvement activities. This has also increased the role and influence of nurses in their efforts. The nurses' role within the activities and the quality improvement are motivated and encouraged by the hospital's organizational culture. The nurses are the caregivers in the healthcare. They have the ability to have an influence on the provision of quality care and treatment and patient results. Nurses are a very important factor when the hospital has to make efforts in quality care. They are important to the hospitalized patient's care. The hospitals are dependent on the nurses to address the demands of quality improvement activities (Hassmiller, 2010).

Nurses are the largest factor to deliver healthcare in the country. Day by day, the role of nurses is increasing because the hospitals have turned their focus and priority quality improvement activities. The patients have expressed that one of the main reason for them to visit a certain hospital, whenever required, is the nursing care. The nursing care is very important for hospitals and their overall delivery of services. One of the CEO of hospitals has described nurses as the heart and soul of the hospitals. The best position for quality improvement in hospitals is with nurses. This is because nurses spend most of the time with patients. They serve on the front lines of ...
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