Same Sex Marriage

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Same Sex Marriage


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The problem of legalization of same-sex couples has become very popular in the modern world. In fact, many people, both girls and boys, date and then create families, the purpose of which is happiness and protection under law. However, this primarily does not imply that for a person to be happy a man should marry a woman, there does exist various alternatives. In the modern world, the traditional approach to the concept of a marriage has changed greatly and, as a result there are many cases when men fall in love with men and women fall in love with women. The attitude towards same-sex couples has been very controversial. Government deprives numerous citizens despite living in a democratic country with the possibility to legalize their relations in case they differ from a traditional approach, because the representatives of the Government support a traditional point of view and thus create laws that forbid the relations between the representatives of the same sex. The government should allow homosexuals same rights under federal law. Denying homosexuals the right to marry violates their liberty and equality rights. Civil unions give some rights to homosexuals, but not all of the rights of a heterosexual married couple and treats homosexuals as second-class citizens. Use a complete paragraph with a minimum of three sentences.

Only eight states recognize same sex marriages and thirty-one states have amendments defining marriage as one man and one woman. Marriage is an institution based on love, not sexual orientation. Denying the right of gays to marry someone of the same sex denies them the benefits and rights that heterosexual, married couples receive at the federal level. The abolishment of the Defence of Marriage Act, DOMA, should be undertaken because DOMA discriminates, denies federal protection and benefits for homosexuals, and violates the Constitution's Full Faith and Credit clause.

Same sex marriage couples in the United States of America face many legal problems. Same sex marriages couples' has rights and has reasons that DOMA violates those rights. The objectives here are to find out the legal status of same sex marriage couples in the United States of America and to find out the reason behind the DOMA violation of same sex marriage couples' rights.

To meet the objectives the study will cover the peculiarities of the concept of same-sex marriages and the historical background of same-sex marriages legalization; it will touch upon the biblical point of view on same-sex relations. Same-sex parents contribute to the development of a democratic attitude towards same-sex relations in their children; true Christians develop a tolerant attitude towards same-sex couples and treat them with much respect and understanding; same-sex couples have the same rights as all other people and should have the right to legalize their relations regardless of their sexual preferences.


It should be ensured that persuasion of social changes is fostered at both the institutional and cultural level. In United States back to 1924, the gay rights movement can ...
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