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Environmental Analysis of Samsung

Environmental Analysis of Samsung


A company's progress and development is dependent on factors both internal and external. Internal factors may include employee's hard work and determination, appropriate and timely decisions by the management and the general policies and strategies made in different departments and sector. The external factors differentiate form the internal factors on the basis that companies owners and employees have no control over them. Therefore, the study of these factors can turn out to be very helpful for a company. Analysis of all these external factors that can affect a company in many aspects is called Environmental Analysis or Study. Companies all over the world are conducting these marketing analyses provided by these studies helps a company shapes its strategies in accordance with the current trends and patterns. Hence, importance of this analysis in a company's progress cannot be denied.


In order to plan, design and implement affective strategies and policies, corporate giants all over the world are conducting researches and analysis on the external factors and the extent to which they can affect a company. Al though, these factors are more related to a company's luck, there still exist a number of ways how an organization can mold these factors for benefit up to a significant extent. Amongst many of such corporate giants, Samsung stands out because of the fact that how small it started and how bizarre it has turned into.

Origin of Samsung

Founded by Lee Byung Chull, the company came into origin in the year 1938 under the name of Samsung Sanghoe. Starting out with a total of forty employees, Samsung initially set its base as a small trading company. Since then, Samsung has gone through many phases of hardships and developments and finally now has turned in to one of the most economically stable electronic appliance company of all times. However, the sophisticated and wide ranges of cell phones are the most recognized, praised and appreciated category of electronic gadgets produce by the company. The company had the earliest of its offices in Korea and still has its main offices in the country. However, Samsung has open many branches in many other countries as well (Samsung Group plans record,2012).

Tools and Techniques in Environmental Analysis

The three basic and strategic steps of conducting an environmental analysis on a country include Pestle, Swat and Porter's 5 forces framework.


There are some unpredictable external environmental factors that are constantly changing and varying. Samsung has adapted various strategies to deal with them.

The very first aspects that a Pestle system analyzes are all the political benefits offered and the controversies created in the operating location of the country. With the years of hard work and determination, Samsung has finally been able to compete with its old Rivals Nokia. The series of Galaxy Tabs took Samsung change the very course of the competition between Samsung, Nokia, LG and several other leading brands.

However, the sudden rivalry between Samsung and Apple has not just affected the mobile market and consumer behavior but also ...
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