Scope Of Sports Industry In Uk Market

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[Scope of sports industry in UK market]



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Perspectives on the Sports Industry in UK market identifies special features of the sports industry which in many respects are unique. Sdock is usually emotionally ascribed and occasionally propelled by the heart rather than the brain. What matters most is not always conspicuous and the significant outcomes perhaps in periods of pride and persona; certainly less quantifiable than traditional assesses of achievement in other realms of industry. The opening chapter to this volume, written by the editors, outlines in great detail the scope of the sports industry predominately in the UK, providing data on participation rates, attendances at events, viewing audiences, the number of companies, traditional and innovative revenue streams, consumer spending traits, etc. Unfortunately, for those in other countries there is restricted information but the section does set the view for those which pursue and shows the type of facts and figures that might be useful for enquiries to be conveyed out in other nation states. There are individual chapters which assess the sports industry in Europe and address the economics of the Olympic Games, specific market segments such as college sport. In this research paper, we will discuss the scope of sports industry in UK market place and critically evaluate major schools of thought within relevant management theory. Table of Contents



Background of the study8

Problem Statement9

Research Aims and Objectives9

Research Questions10


Theoretical framework11

The meaning of cult and sports fandom19


Fan behaviour22


Affiliation through social recognition, symbolism and socialisation (S3)26

Urban brands and associative behaviour29

Sports fans marketing consumption - a postmodern approach29

Conceptual model explanation33

The focus groups, metrics and data analysis37

Computerised projective techniques37

Program assisted designed techniques38

Investment Opportunities39


Research Design41

Literature Selection Criteria41

Search Technique42

Keywords Used42


Cult and fandom43

Commitment, demographic profile and typologies43

Beliefs, behavioural patterns, affiliation and S345

Tribalism and marketing brands46


Managerial implications48

Limitations and further research50



Chapter 1: Introduction


Background of the study

The sports business have a instructing occurrence in the world of newspapers and amusement and our firm has the know-how to assist and propose sports affiliated purchasers on either edge of the business divide. We advance for both sports personalities and their representatives, for sports management businesses and more over for sports bodies. We comprise, for demonstration, David Beckham and other high profile one-by-ones. We advance for Premier Rugby constrained (the sunshade body that administers the rugby amalgamation Guinness Premiership) on business, financial and legal activities encompassing all their sponsorship arrangements. We more over proceed for the worldwide road Racing assemblies Association which comprises the concerns of the assemblies and riders in the sport of Moto ...
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