Security Plan

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Security Plan

Security Plan


Factories are one of the toughest types of workplace to guard and protect because of the constant number and variety of people that come and go through its doors. Securing the premises and deterring thieves, vandals, and intruders of any kind is difficult but not impossible if ABC Valve Plant considers implementing a holistic security plan.

No one is above the law and in this case, the law is ABC Valve Plant's factory's security policies. Employees must be properly oriented regarding the precautions ABC Valve Plant is taking, the policies they have to follow, as well as the repercussions of violating any of these rules. Naturally, ABC Valve Plant needs to reinforce commitment to these policies by consistently implementing them. These rules aren't made to be broken if ABC Valve Plant wishes to maintain the security of the property. Human security is excellent at intimidation but it is not altogether perfect. They'll perform much better if they are aided by an excellent security system. This includes indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras - including decoys, covert and publicly displayed units -entry/exit alarms, motion-detecting sensors, and security lights. Criminals would be less keen to target ABC Valve Plant if they see that ABC Valve Plant is meticulous with record keeping. It's important to know exactly who is entering and leaving the premises.

Elaboration of Security Plan

In order to develop a thorough understanding of organizational security, it is important to begin by understanding the facility. ABC Valve Plant's facility will be defined as a large and complex human occupied structure, and such structures may become the primary target for terrorist attacks because of their mass occupancy. Strategies that could protect ABC Valve Plant from terror attacks ensure the security of a building protection through structural improvements, such as provision of structural members, joints, and prevention of progressive penetration, legislation, codes, and standards, such as those governing setbacks, occupancy, material use, emergency preparedness, and standoff distance; and building arrangements in planning and design, such as orientation, façade, standoff distance, physical barriers, natural barriers, and camouflaging primary structural members.

The security plan considers that certain fundamentals principles are reflected in the line of defense concept, where ABC Valve Plant's site perimeter to the building interior. In this regard, informing the employees about the purpose, use and acceptable activities of the facility, so that facility spaces could be defined in territories by landscape features like level differences, pavement designs, shrubs, and low walls, prohibiting strangers from accessing sensitive areas by means of a gatehouse or other barriers, watching critical areas via natural views (provision of clear and unobstructed view), mechanical devices (using equipment like closed circuit cameras, motion detectors, and sensors), and operational devices (provision of security staff and personnel), keeping the site and buildings clean and clear with up-to-date maintenance of the building, its envelope, and its components, developing community support for discouraging criminal or terrorism activities can prove to be effective measures. Four components of ABC Valve Plant have been characterized as, vehicular and pedestrian ...
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