Self Reflection And Assessment

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Self Reflection And Assessment

Self Reflection And Assessment


Today I am an 80-year-old widower? with an eating disorders. I believe in myself to have anorexia nervosa and wanted an opinion? but did not wish to enter treatment. Born in 1908? I developed anorexia nervosa at the age of 15 shortly after my menarche. My father? a headmaster? strove to direct his children towards a university education? while sexual matters were strictly taboo.

Physicall? obviously I am weak and have amenorrhoea. Despite the fact that men are living longer there are still two older ladies to every old man. This fact alone should stimulate interest about why that should be. Relatively little is actually known about why this is case or about the experiences of the old man in terms of social isolation? role change and so on. Research is also silent on the old man who is gay. Sure? we are aware that the old man experiences anxiety? financial problems? loneliness? and issues with intimacy and sexuality? but that's really about all we know.

Contrary to the idea that the old man is a complainer about their health? most actually rate their health as good or excellent. This? despite the fact that most are diagnosed with at least one chronic illness. The physical health of the old man is strongly affected by their health behavior when they were younger. The promotion of healthy lifestyles in older men is another largely neglected area of research? with the possible exception of local initiatives and an increased medical recognition of nutritional needs.

A popular misconception is that men can't adapt because they are set in their ways and get depressed the older they get. There is good evidence that this is not the case; in fact depression rates in the old man can be half those of women. Also? whilst the old-old man probably reflects the expectations of a society and age now passing? the next generation have no excuses not to get involved in life.


My mother was the first person in my immediate family to go to university. Even at the time? then? some of my activities at the peak of my Dr Martens-wearing phase seemed? if not silly? well? a bit quaint: Reclaim the Night marches; attempting to ban The Sun from public areas; campaigning against pornography outside WH Smith on the high street.

So how come I am sitting here at my desk two decades later? desperately looking for reasons to be cheerful? Baroness Hollis's amendment to the pensions bill? which ensures that women who have? through no fault of their own? not paid enough National Insurance to qualify for a full state pension will now be allowed to make one-off payments to bridge the gap.) Why is everything so much worse than it should be at this point?

I developed secondary amenorrhoea. Bingeing and vomiting were not features. I missed a complete year of school between the ages of 15 and 16? became regressed and childlike? and shared my ...
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