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Self Reflection Paper

[Name of the institute]Self Reflection Paper on Personal Relationship


Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow

The statement above is a Swedish proverb. This statement suggests the significance of the relationships. People in this world come and go what remains there is their memory. The sad, joyful and cheerful moments that we share with each other helps us in formulating and maintaining relationship with each other. In a relationship there are various elements involve. The aim and objective of this paper is to talk about the full spectrum of human relations concepts and dynamics. The aim of this paper is to undertake the discussion about interpersonal relationship from different facets. For the purpose of this assignment the relationship that I have chosen is of my relationship with my boyfriend.


As mentioned above there are variegated elements involve in a relationship. These different aspects can be regarded as the dynamics and conceptions that people held about the relationship. These conceptions and dynamics change over time according to the situation people face in their lives. The following part of the paper discusses these different conceptions.

Dynamics Involved In Relationship

There are different concepts involve in a relationship. These different concepts include trust, self-disclosure, compromise, compassion, care, love etc. In order for a relationship to work or to be long-lasting it is imperative that all these elements should be in the proportion and should be delivered in the relationship from both the partners.

The concept of self disclosure means to disclose information and feelings to the partner. Since the time the researchers has identified that the concept of self disclosure is important in making any relationship and for the purpose of creating the strong bonding between the relationships, the importance of self disclosure has improved and it is getting attention. In my opinion, strong self disclosure is very significant in a relationship. I believe that people discloses their feelings and information to their partners without any reluctant. Self-disclosure can be verbal or nonverbal forms of self-disclosure occur (e.g., catching the eye of partner and raising one's eyebrows to indicate surprise about something a third party has said). This sort of self disclosure shows presence of understanding and coordination between the two persons. Self-disclosure has an important role in the development of intimacy between romantic couples. For example, Rubin et al, (1980) examined the association between the level of self-disclosure to one's dating partner (the couples "going together") and feelings of love and liking for the partner (Rubin et al, 1980).

In relationships the main factor to be considered is trust. According to the researchers there is a great relationship between the stable relationship and the trust. According to the researchers the best way of showing the love and affection is through the trust. I believe that it is the trust that nurtures a relationship.

There is another element of compromise that exists in almost every relationship. Compromise means leaving aside something that you prefer or like for the desires and happiness of ...
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