Semester Project: Improving Marketability Of Student By Having High Performance Airplanes

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Semester project: Improving marketability of student by having high performance airplanes



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Proposal for Cessna R172K

The Cessna 172K, in all its forms, is the most widely used aircraft in the world. When the image is intended to give a light aircraft, light aircraft, the Cessna 172K is always displayed. It is a highly valued aircraft by pilots because of its ease of driving, reliability and high degree of security against unusual maneuvers or abnormal positions. (Baron 2008)

The Cessna 172K company has a workforce of 2,650 people, with a presence in six countries and 17 work centers. They are focused and supplying the aircrafts for the charter flights. FBO (Sky Park) will get more customers as Cessna 172K will increase the business. FBO (Sky Park) has stated that the goal is to grow on platforms that have been invested, mainly civilians, and also in new activities, which in any case, will focus on the aviation sector. The new strategy will allow FBO (Sky Park) to double its current sales to reach 1,000 million in 2011. In 2010, turnover rose to 479 million in 2010 is expected slight growth in sales and closed with profit. (Stewart 2009)


The model airplane industry worldwide has been clear growth in the last two decades but the last 5 years has a very dramatic turn due to major changes in technology. Currently there are a number of companies engaged in the manufacture, design and marketing of all products related to the hobby. You can find all types of aircraft in a variety of scales and models that can meet the needs from a beginner to a professional modeler. This has triggered the opening of radio control clubs and therefore a clear regulation for the use and control of radio spectrum exclusively dedicated to radio control. The model aircraft would also be a fun, is a regulated activity that has various associations (AMA, JTC, etc.). Those organize and regulate the practice of appropriate use of model airplanes. (Barton 2010)

Gradually the dissemination and promotion of this activity has generated interest growing every day, amateur, which has taken a very interesting role in our country. Thus, the world takes a very important role within the business and becomes an opportunity to meet new market niches. (

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