Using Technology To Improve Academic Performance And Student Behavior

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Using Technology to Improve Academic Performance and Student Behavior


Technology is an important element of the human life. As time lapses, technology advancements startles and mesmerizes the modern world. It is said that technology is the factor based upon which nations exert their dominance in the world. Some as seen to dominate with their military might holding superior technology. Similarly there are those who have the ability to capture the world financial markets through their technological expertise in that domain. This article attempts to explain the impact produced upon students of having being exposed to technology. Furthermore the paper discusses the implication created upon students who are deprived of such advance capabilities.

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Overview of Technological Impacts on Students5

Benefits of Technology usage in Education6

Drawbacks of Technology uses in Education7



Using Technology to Improve Academic Performance and Student Behavior


As the time progresses technology also changes. It will never remain constant, adding an adversity and limitation in its aspects. Countries across the world strive for technological improvement, and desire to possess it before their rivals. Change in technology, such as improvements made to a countries weapons arsenal and other fighting gear. Similarly not many recognize the fact that education should also be updated technologically and advancements in this area can bring about tremendous change.

Education is described as the back bone of any economy. Nations cannot function without the availability of appropriately educated individuals. Technology has played an important role in determining the aspects of educational behavior amongst students. It has been witnessed that technology improvements have guided many students from the path of destruction to the path of theirwellbeing at school. Experts suggest that technology plays a vital role in grooming a student to his best abilities. The expert believe is not irrelevant from their perspective as students in a highly upgraded environment have produced better academic performance and have depicted the best student behavior. (Akerlind, G.S &Trevitt, C.A1999)

Computer literacy and a high degree of expertise in computerized capabilities provide better support, diverse needs and capacities of students. It is thoroughly useful in getting deeper processing and understanding of information. While the technology may enhance the classroom and engage today's student more effectively, most do not believe it replaces the need for a structured, content-driving learning process that is grounded in theory. As McFarlane states, “computer use alone, without clear objectives and well-designed tasks, is of little intrinsic value (1997). This paper continues the inquiry into the impact of technology on student perceptions of their own learning as well as their academic behavior”.


Overview ofTechnological Impacts on Students

The relation between student and technology goes back in time. It has been observed that students with better access to technology have been keen to learn and have produced better results and efficiency than those who do not possess such an opportunity.History suggests that students when exposed to learning aided with technology have shown greater understanding capacity and improved efficiency.

According to experts, the education of today consists of students learning with the help of different applications used ...
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