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Service Design

Pizza Hut Service Blue Print


The service blueprint is method through which the whole process of the service can be shown from beginning to the end. The service blueprint demonstrates the various touch points that are encountered by the user on their journey from the start of the service to the end. The service blueprint is an effective method through which the delivery of the entire service can be presented to an individual. Through this the customer can see the entire process which they go through when they want to avail the service. It can be used to help everyone delivering the service to understand how they fit in and to ensure that the service works properly. The service blueprint must also demonstrate the essential and significant parts that the users are not aware of like the backhand process of the service. What is happening in the backhand to provide the service to the customer? Which department plays what part in ensuring that the service is effectively delivered? The blueprint should show how all these different parts connect to provide a great experience for the user. This paper demonstrates the service blue print of pizza hut.

Service Encountered

The service encounter selected for this paper is pizza hut. Pizza Hut is one of the reputable companies that operate several franchises and food chain in different countries of the world. The specialty of Pizza Hut is to operate in the target market that attaches to the Italian food trend and (Pizza). Pizza Hut operates in the Unites States along with different other countries; however, its headquarters are in Borehamwood. According to diverse sources, Pizza Hut executes its operations around the world with almost 16,000 people. There are two areas in which Pizza Hut operates itself as a family restaurant, specializing in birthday parties; and Home Delivery, which delivers pizzas to the customer's door step. There are four types of menus that Pizza Hut offers to its customers: these menus consists the restaurant menu, menus targeted at the children, take away and delivery menus along with the collection menus. At a single outlet of pizza hut, numerous individuals come to avail their services. There are also various errors and problems that occur in the procedure of delivering the service.

Blueprint Diagram

The following is the service blueprint diagram of the pizza hut. This diagram shows both the front stage and back stage processes of the ...
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