Service Quality

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Service Quality

Service Quality


Service quality is basically defined as the comparison between customer expectations and an organization's performance. The quality of service that an organization's maintain is the driving force behind customer satisfaction. The customers of an organization are satisfied if the service they are receiving is up to their expectations. The quality of service that an organization maintains solely depends upon the operations and functions that take place within an organization. Enhancing service quality enables an organization to achieve economic competitive advantage (Schneider, 2004, pp. 28). Improving the quality of service that an organization provides to its customers should be the core aim of an organization to enhance the customer satisfaction and performance of the organization.

An organization should emphasize on some important factors to improve service quality. These important factors include:

Identifying problems and issues efficiently and systematically.

Improving operational processes.

Establishing valid and reliable measures of service performance.

Measuring customer satisfaction and other related outcomes (Beckford, 2002, pp. 14).

These are the significant factors that should be considered and focused by the organization because these factors are the baseline to improve service quality within an organization. It is very important for any organization to enhance the quality of service they provide to its customers in order to retain their valuable customers and enhance customer satisfaction.

Hospitality Industry and Restaurants

It is obvious that enhancing and maintaining service quality is very important in any business or industry. So, in our industry which is the hospitality industry, provide service which fulfils the expectations of customers is the key of conducting successful business. Hospitality Industry is a vast industry that involves many customer focused businesses and organizations. These businesses include restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, etc. The focus of these businesses should be providing customers with high quality service to satisfy their needs and enhance their satisfaction (Powers, 1999, pp. 20).

My workplace is a restaurant where people come to have their meals and spend some good time with their family and friends. In general, restaurants are customer focused businesses. The purpose of a restaurant's existence is to provide its customers with good food along with a peaceful environment where they could enjoy their food in a favourable environment. At my restaurant, we emphasize on providing the customers with the best service and food to retain them as our loyal customers. In order to provide our customers with the best quality service, we focus on combining various departments and their services to provide the customers with high quality service. These diversified departments include direct operations, facilities management, marketing, management and human resources (Lewis, 1997, pp. 80). In short, effective business administration leads our restaurant to providing the customers with quality service which they expect from us.

Service Quality Theory

All organizations use a service quality theory on the basis of which they assess the effectiveness and reliability of the service they provide to their customers. In the hospitality industry, it is very important for the businesses involved to track their service quality in order to have sufficient knowledge about the expectations ...
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