Sex And Relationships

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Sex and Relationships

Sex and relationships


Sex and relationship strongly related to each other. Sex refers to the natural urge which encourage in involving in any form of sexual activity with their partner. However, it researched that sex life play an important role in constructing any relationship with a strong bond. In this segment, we will discuss different article, journal and information regarding sex and relationship and sex and relationship associated with teens and how to deal with the effects.


The world in which youngster are growing is very different from our ancestors. Today trends changed if we compare the youth and past generations due to the challenges and opportunities. They prefer spending much of their time in school and with friends hanging out rather than spending with their parents at home. The access to the advance technologies such as Internet and mobile phones through which their desires are fulfilling. They have been postponing their marriages and childbearing and much involving in sex before matrimony. Due to these changes in the society, parents have increased their interest in giving sex education so that they can assist to meet the needs of young people.

Sex and Adolescence

As we know, adolescence begins with puberty or the completion of sexual development in terms of reproductive and lasts until full physical development coinciding with adulthood.

Over the past 100 years, the puberty time seen very early, and the trend seems to continue. For example, the menstruation process starts around the average of 17 years over the second half of the last century, 11 -12 years of age in the '60s, and currently it is between ages of 9 and 12 years. Adolescence seen as an aggressive and emotionally tumultuous time full of clashes between adults and youth, especially within the family. This is the situation where development occurs of psycho and emotional changes are stronger rapids in the history of each person. Among the problems faced by adolescents are the emotional, it considered that 4 out of 10 in time feel sad and mourn, and wanted to get away from everything and everyone, this can be considered a slight depression. In some cases, it becomes even worse results in suicidal behavior (

Recent studies have shown that adolescent emotional problems are often not recognized even by their relatives or friends. According to research in Uganda adolescent forced to have sex and after that they enjoy as depressed and get support from their partner in the form of sex. However, sexual activity has been 15 to 19 of ages. In many countries, sex education has been common now in order to avoid the risk associated with it or any benefits.

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The peer group performs several functions including that of validating, by common consensus and a sense of intimacy. The personal identity of the adolescent in search of a more stable social role is also missing. Therefore, the group performs the function of frame of reference in the transition to adult ...
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