Shell Oil Spill In Nigeria

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Shell Oil Spill in Nigeria

Shell Nigeria oil spill


Near the coast of Nigeria, one hundred and fifteen miles (115 miles) of ocean has been affected by the slick from Bonga field, Peter Idabor, National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency lead by him told the Associated Press. He said that, towards the shore at Thursday Nights, the slick continued to move, which put at risk fishes, birds and other wildlife in the area. We will discuss the main points of that accident and its relation to the past oil spills.


The oil spilt incident of Shell Company at Nigeria was 60 times more severe than previously reported at that time. This was the unpublished report by Amnesty International. The oil spilt in 2008 from a faulty weld on a pipeline resulted in 1640 barrels of oil being split into creeks somewhere near Ogoniland. The figure depended on the agreed assessment at the time by the organization, the Nigerian oil regulation authority, government oil spill agency and community's representatives. The total of 103,000 to 311,000 barrels was flooded towards Bodo creeks over the period of leak.

Accufacts realized the facts and noticed that within a minute, every two to three barrels were leaking. The same scale was used by the spill assessors to measure the scale of BP deepwater spill in Mexico in 2010. The accufacts suggested that spill accessing by watching the video footage of oil splitting.

The difference is huge: even using the lower end of Accufacts calculates, that the quantity of split of oil at Bodo was 60 times higher as compared to the claim made by Shell”, "said Audrey Gaughran director of global issues at Amnesty International (Donaldson & Preston, 1995, p.57).

The oil spilt incident was investigated by the officials, operators, regulators and security agencies. The ...
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