Should All New Cars Sold In The U.S. To Be Mandated To Be Emission-Free

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Should All New Cars Sold in the U.S. to be mandated to be Emission-Free


Why should all new cars sold in the U.S. be mandated to be emission-free?

All new cars sold in the United States of America are mandated to be emission free due to various undesirable hazards brought about by car emission pollutants. In most cities across the globe, the personal automobile is the single greatest polluter. Emissions from billion vehicles running each day add up to a planet-wide problem. Breathing is fairly important for all of us and driving cars is the biggest single air polluting activity. Not only this, car emission also adds to a global concern that is global warming. This issue is of serious concern for developed countries such as the United States of America where as estimated a lot of people are dying due to the air pollution caused by automobiles (cars) (David Sandalow, page 30).

The air pollutants that are caused by emission released from cars have differing effects on human beings body and cause different diseases such as irritation of mucous membranes, effects on the central nervous system in the cardiovascular system, decreased ability of hemoglobin to transport oxygen to tissues. This thus, affects the intellectual and physical labor, alterations in learning ability, problems lung and respiratory cancer, neurosis, as well as depression, mutations at the cellular level of human beings etc. All these issues arise as a result of toxic or harmful gasses emitted by cars. These toxic and harmful gasses that are emitted through cars include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, lead and some particulate matter such as soot. These gases impact the health of people that are exposed to it, and this is one main reason why United Sates of America should make the sale of emission free car mandatory (Curtis Darrel Anderson, Judy Anderson, page 20-200).

DiscussionThe risk of automobile pollution on health through car emission gases

The Carbon monoxide (CO) is a toxic gas that interferes with blood oxygenation. Highly concentrated this gas is deadly at lower concentrations it can cause heart problems. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, which increases the disadvantages, as it is one of the most poisonous and dangerous gas. This is so, if there is continued exposure to this gas for a long time, suffocation of neurons in the brain occurs that leads to death.

There are researches that the dangers of this gas is concentrated on the sick and the elderly, children and pregnant women, as studies conducted in the United States of America, indicate that the toxicity of this gas constitutes 63% of the causes of disability in children compared to the types of other pollution causing ADHD. The numbers of children in the United States of America, with disability due to pollution in general are about 3.5 million children. It is pointed out that this gas is concentrated in the blood of embryos at about 3 times the concentration in the blood of their mothers, which reveals the seriousness caused by this gas that is emitted through cars.

The hydrocarbons (HC) are mostly relatively harmless by themselves but help the formation of photochemical smog ...
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