Should Sex Education Be Increased In School In An Attempt To Curb Problems Such As Teenage Pregnancy

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Should sex education be increased in school in an attempt to curb problems such as teenage pregnancy

There are quite a few topics that are considered to be taboo in our society and although they are the most discussed topics in different arenas yet nobody is fully comfortable in acknowledging the fact that there are quite a few confusions as well as curiosities regarding these topics that they would like to get over with and these taboo topics continue to be discussed in hushed tones in various gatherings and groups of society if not always then at some point or the other.

Sex and sexual activities happen to be one of the most taboo topics of the world not just now but as long as one can think of and even now in the modern world and the modern society it is still a very proscribed topic to be discussed by people.

This fascination, confusion and yet quest to know more and more about the topic and yet quest to know more and more about the topic is more evident in that age group which we term as adolescence for the very simple reason that being so prohibited it instigates the most curiosity in people because it is human nature that human beings are most attracted towards things that are prohibited to them.

The world has always witnessed conflict among the children and their parents to a very large extent the only difference that has occurred is that in the olden times, it is a very common notion and belief that children, no matter what their age group were far more docile and obedient towards their parents as compared to the modern day society and this was specially true for the female children. No matter how modern times have become yet the female members of ...
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